Consultation on the regulations amending certain regulations concerning the disclosure of cosmetic ingredients

From: Health Canada

Current status: Closed

This consultation was open from February 11, 2023 to April 22, 2023.

Health Canada sought feedback on the proposed Regulations Amending Certain Regulations Concerning the Disclosure of Cosmetic Ingredients which were published in Canada Gazette, Part I on February 11, 2023.

The Government of Canada is moving forward with plans to make health protection information readily accessible to Canadians on chemicals in consumer products, including cosmetics.

Health Canada proposed to introduce a requirement to disclose certain fragrance allergens on cosmetic labels, when present above a specified limit. This proposed amendment would address the growing consumer demand for clearer and more detailed information on chemicals in consumer products, including cosmetics.

This regulatory proposal would also amend the Cosmetic Regulations to:

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The public was invited to submit comments on the proposed Regulations through the online portal on the Canada Gazette.

The Government of Canada is using an online portal for stakeholders to provide comments on proposed Regulations. This feature was developed to strengthen the transparency and accountability of Canada's regulatory consultation process and make it easier to submit comments on proposed regulations.

All comments were reviewed by Health Canada and are considered as part of the regulatory development process. Health Canada verified that the content complies with Government of Canada rules on content, privacy, hate speech, foul language, etc. Now that the comment period has closed, the approved comments were posted on the Canada Gazette website.

This consultation was open for comment for 70 days, from February 11, 2023 to April 22, 2023.

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