Health Canada's antimicrobial reserve list: Closed consultation

From: Health Canada

Current status: Closed

This consultation ran from August 31, 2023, to October 30, 2023.

Health Canada sought feedback on a proposed Canadian antimicrobial reserve list. The reserve list will indicate the antimicrobial drugs that prescribers are to use sparingly to preserve effectiveness.

Notice about the reserve list

Who was the focus of this consultation

We engaged with stakeholders who focus on public health and infectious diseases, including:

We also welcomed comments from other interested health care providers and stakeholders, as well as the public.

Key questions for discussion

We were looking for comments on the proposed antimicrobial drugs to be included in the reserve list. We also sought feedback on other antimicrobial drugs that we may include in this list.

The input that was gathered through this process will be used to finalize the reserve list.

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