Consultation: Notice of intent to amend the Toys Regulations

Current status: Closed

This consultation was held between June 23, 2023 and September 21, 2023.

Health Canada sought feedback on the proposed changes to the Toys Regulations. The notice of intent to amend the Toys Regulations outlines the proposed changes and includes a questionnaire for people in Canada to provide feedback. We will use the responses to the questionnaire to direct our action on the issues identified in this notice.


We invited the public to provide comments or feedback on the proposed changes to the Toys Regulations by completing our questionnaire by September 21, 2023.

Who is the focus of this consultation

We asked to hear from:

Key topics for discussion

Ideas and input on our suggestions to changes to the regulations which shall be considered:

  1. toxic substances
  2. corrosive, irritant, or sensitizing substances
  3. specific toxic substances (boric acid and salts of boric acid)
  4. migration of certain elements
  5. finger paints
  6. liquids, pastes, putties, gels, powders, and items of avian feather origin
  7. chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets

We will use the input we have received to help us with next steps, which may include future consultations.

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