Share and view ideas: Consultation on proposed biocides regulations

Current status: Closed

This consultation ran from May 7, 2022 to July 16, 2022.
Surface sanitizers and disinfectants (biocides) are regulated under separate regulations in Canada:

  • disinfectants are under the Food and Drugs Act
  • surface sanitizers are under the Pest Control Products Act

The purpose of this consultation was to gather feedback on a proposed new set of regulations for biocides under the Food and Drugs Act and a related guidance document for biocides.

Who was the focus of this consultation

We engaged with:

Key items for comment

Health Canada wants to create a new set of regulations for biocides and place them under a single regulatory framework, the Biocides Regulations. This will:

We also wanted to gather feedback on the proposed guidance document for biocides. The guidance would explain the requirements for industry.

Ideas and inputs were sought around 4 themes/topics:

The input that was gathered through this process will be used to consider changes to the draft regulations and draft guidance.

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