Air quality and health

Get more information on air pollutants and the impact of poor air quality on your health. Learn about the causes of poor indoor air quality, how to detect it and how to improve it.

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Indoor air quality

Indoor air pollutants

Asbestos, mould, carbon monoxide, radon and other indoor air pollutants

Improve indoor air quality in your home

Sources of indoor air pollution, reduce exposure, improve ventilation

Indoor air quality resources for professionals

Residential indoor air quality guidelines, exposure limits, indoor air reference levels, guidance for non-residential (public) indoor spaces

Outdoor air quality

Outdoor air pollution and health

Health impacts of outdoor air pollution on people in Canada, health risks and effects, minimizing outdoor air pollution and its effects on health

Air Quality Health Index (AQHI)

Outdoor air quality conditions, forecasts, managing your exposure to air pollution

Wildfire smoke, air quality and your health

Symptoms, protecting your health

Outdoor air pollutants

Sulphur and nitrogen oxides, ground level ozone, and fine particulate matter

Environmental health: Air quality podcast

Health and research experts discuss air pollution and its impacts on our health.

Health-based air quality objectives (HBAQOs)

HBAQOs will identify safe exposure levels of outdoor air pollutants of concern for human health.

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Air quality email subscription list

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Awareness resources

Air quality and health education resources including videos, infographics, factsheets and more.

Greater Toronto Hamilton Area Transportation Strategy

The strategy focuses on investigating the local air quality effects.

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