Acetamide, N,N-dimethyl- (Dimethyl acetamide) (DMAc)

CAS Registry Number 127-19-5

What is it?

  • Acetamide, N,N-dimethyl, also known as dimethyl acetamide or DMAc, is an industrial chemical.

How is it used?

  • DMAc is used primarily in industrial settings. DMAc occurs in products only as an unintended manufacturing residue (leftover from the manufacturing process).
  • DMAc is commonly used for polymer dissolution in the man-made fibre production industry, as a solvent in the production of photoresist strippers used in the manufacture of electronic components, as a production solvent in the pharmaceutical, photography and cosmetic industries, as a feedstock in the coating industry and in sealant applications in aircraft.
  • DMAc is not manufactured in Canada, but is imported into Canada.

Why did the Government of Canada assess it?

  • Prior to the assessment, DMAc was identified as a potential concern to human health based on its classification by international organizations as a substance which may cause developmental toxicity in laboratory animals, and based on a moderate potential for exposure to Canadians.

How are Canadians exposed to it?

  • Exposure of the general population of Canada to DMAc is expected to be low and to occur predominantly via indoor air.

What are the results of the assessment?

  • The Government of Canada has conducted a science-based evaluation of DMAc, called a screening assessment.
  • The Government of Canada has concluded that DMAc is not harmful to human health at current levels of exposure.

What is the Government of Canada doing?

  • Based on the conclusion of the final screening assessment, no further action will be taken on DMAc.
  • The final screening assessment report was published on August 22, 2009.

What could Canadians do?

  • Because Canadians' exposure to DMAc is expected to be low, the Government of Canada is not currently recommending specific actions by Canadians to reduce their exposure.

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