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Requirements for using the forms

To access or submit the forms you will need an active internet connection.

  • HTML 5 capable browser
    • Chrome Version 28 or higher
    • Firefox Version 18 or higher
    • Internet Explorer Version 11 or higher
    • Safari Version 9 or higher
    • Opera Version 12 or higher
  • Minimum System Requirements
    • Windows 7
    • iOS 3.2 or higher
    • Android 1.5 or Higher

Note on Mobile Devices

Submission using a mobile device (tablet or smart phone) is not possible at this time.

How to Use Health Canada Web Forms

Each web form is made up of two parts; the form and the data:

#1: The form is the webpage you see and it is used to view the data. It remains on the web.

#2: The data is information you enter into the form fields on this webpage and is saved as a .hcxs file.

The data only works with this form. You will need to return to this page and upload your saved .hcxs file (instructions on that below) in order to view your data. You can change and resubmit your data after viewing it if you want.

Web forms are designed to be completed during an online session. They can be saved at any time and retrieved later during another online session.

When you submit your form online, the Health Canada web service will automatically assign a case number and a submission number to it.  The case number is unique to the incident, notification, report or complaint and will be used in all communications with you.  The submission number is unique to each act of submitting.  A new submission number is assigned each time you send a form to Health Canada.

All mandatory fields must be filled in to submit. If you attempt to submit without filling in all the mandatory fields, you will see an error message and a list of any incomplete fields with a link to their location on your form.  Use this list to complete any missing mandatory information, and then you can submit.

Tips to make it easier to find your form/.hcxs file again

  1. After you click the Proceed to Submit button your form will have a Case Number and Submission Number.
    • If you wait for these numbers, you can include these in the file name. Having these numbers in the file name makes it easier to find if you need to call us with questions. Always use the Case and Submission numbers when communicating with Health Canada about your file.
  2. Include the Product Name in the file name.
    • Adding this to the file name will make it easier to find if you submit a lot of forms.

Features of Health Canada Web Forms

Text Field Overrun

Some text fields can accept more text than the screen will display.  When you go over the amount of text which can be displayed, click on and drag down the lower right corner of the text field to expand it or use the scroll bar.

Attaching pictures or documents

You can attach digital files to submit with your form.  Attached files do not print.  If you submit an amendment or update and load a previously submitted form, delete the digital files before submitting to avoid submitting them multiple times.  Duplicate files submitted for the same case will be detected and destroyed. 

Restricted file types for attachments

You cannot submit certain file types which pose security risks, such as executable files (for example, programs and .exe files) or compressed files (for example.ZIP files).

Submitting the form

What happens when  you click on <Submit Online>,

  1. the form will check that all mandatory fields are filled in and in the required formatFootnote 1.
  2. Once your form passes that check, you will see a pop up message appear with the heading “Confirmation” and the message “Confirmation: Online submission was successful. Assigned Case Number(s) is/are: ####-##### and assigned Submission Number is: yyyy-mm-dd-##### .” 
  3. That case number and submission number will also appear at the bottom of your form .

Maximum file size

The maximum file size for the combined form and all attachments is 70MB.  If your submission is larger than that you will see an error message and be unable to submit.  If this happens to you,  follow these steps:

  1. submit as many attachments as you can on your first form,
  2. make sure you note the case number you receive when you  submit that form
  3. go to the “Additional Information” web form  and attach the additional attachments (those that put you over 70 MBs in total) to the case number .

Differences between some common browsers

Each web browser can use a different label for its buttons.  You may encounter a difference between the instructions written on the form and what you see within your browser when attaching files or saving a form.


  • Uses the label <Choose Files>
  • Right clicking on Download online form information uses the term “Save Link As…”

Internet Explorer

  • Uses the label <Browse…>
  • Right Clicking the link to download and save the online form information will open a prompt where you can select save or specify a location by clicking the down arrow and selecting “Save As…”


  • Uses the label <Browse…>
  • Right clicking the link to download online form information uses the term “Save Link As…”


  • Uses the label <Browse…>
  • The calendar widget requires you to click on the checkmark to confirm your entry. Or the X to close the widget.
  • Right clicking the link to download and save the online form information will start the download


  • Uses the label <Choose File>
  • Right clicking the link to download and save the online form information uses the term “Download Linked File”
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