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Requirements for using the form

To use the form you must be connected to the internet with a browser such as:

Saving your form

You should save your form as a .hcxs file on your computer after you have completed and submitted it.

Include the case and submission numbers in the file name to help you easily find your form again.

These numbers are created once you click the "Proceed to Submit" button in the form on-line.

You may save your incomplete form at any time and upload it later to complete and submit.

Save your form using these instructions:

  1. Click on "Save my form".

Viewing your form

To view a form saved in the .hcxs format, follow these instructions.

  1. Click on the link that corresponds to the type of form you would like to view.
    1. Cosmetic Notification Form (English / French)
  2. An empty form will appear. If the form is not empty, click F5/refresh to clear it. Scroll down the empty form to the section titled "How to view/edit".
  3. Use the "Choose File/Browse" button to select the .hcxs file you saved on your computer before.
  4. Click on the "Upload Information" button.
  5. The information will be presented in the online form. You may now review, change and re-submit the form as needed.

Features of the form

Attaching pictures or documents

You can attach digital files to submit with your form. If you are submitting a change to a form by uploading a previously submitted form, we suggest that you delete the attached digital files that have already been submitted to avoid duplication.

Restricted file types for attachments

You cannot submit certain executable files (for example, programs and .exe files) or compressed files (for example .ZIP files).

Submitting the form

What happens when you click on <Submit Online>:

  1. The form will check that all mandatory fields are filled in and in the required format. If you DO have errors on your form, you will see an interactive list of your errors at the top of the form. Click on each hyperlinked error message to be taken to the exact field in the form that you need to change.
  2. Once your form passes that check, a pop up message appears with the heading "Confirmation" and the message "Confirmation: Online submission was successful. Assigned Case Number(s) is/are: YYYY-###### and assigned Submission Number is: yyyy-mm-dd-#####".
  3. That case number and submission number will also appear at the bottom of your form.

Maximum file size

If your completed form including attached digital files is larger than 70MB you will see an error message and be unable to submit. If this happens to you, follow these steps:

  1. Submit attached digital files up to 70MB on your first form
  2. Note the case number you receive when you submit that form
  3. Go to the "Additional Documents" web form and attach the additional digital files and enter the case number.

Differences between some common browsers

You may find a difference between the instructions in the form and what you see in your browser when attaching files or saving a form. Different web browsers may use different labels for their buttons.


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