Essential Oil-based Personal Insect Repellent External Advisory Panel

On December 3, 2014, Health Canada published an Information Note titled "Review of the Regulatory Approach for Personal Insect Repellents Containing Plant-Derived Essential Oils" in which it announced its commitment to conduct a review of the current approach to the regulation of personal insect repellents containing plant-derived essential oils.

As mentioned in this note, the review, by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, will include a consultation with an external advisory panel composed of scientific experts in the field. Following this expert consultation, comments will be solicited from the public, industry, and other stakeholders on a proposed regulatory approach before finalizing the regulatory framework.

In accordance with Health Canada's Policy on External Advisory Bodies (2011), provided below are the terms of reference, membership list and biographies, and summary of expertise, experience, and affiliations and interests of the members of the Essential Oil-based Personal Insect Repellent External Advisory Panel.

Health Canada has completed the consultation with this expert panel and the final report is now available.

As next steps, Health Canada is now proceeding with the external consultation process of the proposed regulatory approach (Regulatory Proposal PRO2016-03, Essential Oil-based Personal Insect Repellents). As mentioned above, comments from the public consultation will be considered prior to finalizing the regulatory framework for these products.

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