Status of Active Ingredients Under Re-evaluation

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The Re-evaluation Summary Table provides a summary of all the active ingredients in Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) Re-evaluation Program. Refer to Regulatory Directive DIR2001-03: Pest Management Regulatory Agency Re-evalutation Program, for details regarding the Re-evaluation Program.

This table provides a summary of the status of active ingredients for which re-evaluation has been initiated and the status of the proposed and/or final regulatory decisions made with respect to their re-evaluation. In addition, hyperlinks to relevant regulatroy publictions are provided. These tables will be updated on a quarterly basis. The last update was on 30 September 2008.

The following three types of regulatory publications are provided:

  • a Proposed Re-evaluation Decision (PRVD) document contains summaries of the assessments and conclusions on the acceptability of continuing the registration of an active ingredient. It presents proposed regulatory actions and specifies conditions and requirements for maintaining registration of end-use products;
  • a Re-evaluation Decision (RVD) document announces the PMRA's final decision concerning an active ingredient that has been under re-evaluation in Canada. This document explains how a final decision was made. A RVD may follow a PRVD or a Re-evaluation Note; and
  • a Re-evaluation Note (REV Note) is a document that is distributed during various stages of the re-evaluation process.

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