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active ingredient
The ingredient in a pesticide that is responsible for the intended effects of the product.
adverse effect
A detrimental effect that relates to the health or environmental risks of a pesticide.
The act of applying the pesticide on its intended site.
bait station
A method of pesticide application. Bait treated with a pesticide that is placed in a container. Access is restricted to target pests (e.g. rodents).
A cultivated plant.
domestic animal
An animal that is under the control of humans and is dependent on them for its survival. It includes pets and livestock.
Contact with a source of a pesticide in such a manner that effective transmission of the pesticide occurs.
An event that occurs where an adverse effect is observed, and relates to humans, domestic animals or the environment.
A "label" includes any legend, word or symbol that conveys information and is attached to, included in, or accompanying a pesticide. All pesticides offered for sale in Canada must bear the approved label.
method of application
The way in which the pesticide is applied to the site.
An individual animal, plant, or single-celled life form.
personal information
Any information that can be used alone, or in conjunction with other information, to identify a person.
A pest control product. Any product, device, organism or substance that is manufactured, represented, sold or used as a means for directly or indirectly controlling, preventing, destroying, mitigating, attracting or repelling a pest.
registration number
A four or five digit number assigned to each registered pesticide by the PMRA. All pesticides must be registered and be issued a registration number before being permitted for sale, import or use in Canada. May be listed on the pesticide label as "REG. NO. ####", "Registration No. ####", or "Registration Number ####".
route of exposure
The manner in which a person, animal or the environment comes into contact with a pesticide. It is the pathway taken by the pesticide.
The location, area, structure, object or organism that a pesticide may be applied to.

See also Pesticide Terminology.

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