Use Site Category (DACO Tables)

Data required to support an application to register, amend or conduct research with a pest control product depends on the nature of the product, e.g., chemicals, microbials or IMEP, and the purpose of the submission.

As a guide for determining data requirements, possible use-sites have been grouped into a series of use-site categories (USCs).

Each USC has a list of required and conditionally required data called data-code or DACO tables. DACO tables for specific USCs are available from the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) upon request. These DACO tables were developed from existing guidelines and practices and do not establish new data requirements.

The USC DACO tables are organized into 3 categories:


The comparative PMRA (DACO), US EPA (OPPTS and OPP) and OECD (IIA) data numbering systems are provided as a crosswalk. Four crosswalks are available:

Additional country information is also available in the OECD Guidance Documents for Pesticide Registration.

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