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Notice of changes - effective July 19, 2023

On July 19, 2023, Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) will implement changes with regards to the forms below and update their web addresses accordingly:

  • 6006 – Application for Research Permit
  • 6008 – Notification of Pesticide Research
  • 6012 – Application for Registration of Private Label Product Based on Registered Initial Product
  • 6026 – Administrative Changes in Contact Information for Registered Pest Control Products
  • 6110 - Proposal For a User Requested Minor Use Label Expansion
  • 6117 - Pest Management Regulatory Agency Presubmission Consultation Request
  • 6200 - Import Certificate for the Grower Requested Own Use (GROU) Program

While the current web addresses will automatically re-direct you to the new forms until December 2023, we ask that applicants and registrants update their bookmarks on July 19, 2023, or as soon as possible thereafter to ensure they can access the new forms directly.

PMRA will also release a new online version of the e-Index Builder with an improved user interface. We encourage users to transition to the new tool once it becomes available on July 19, 2023.

The Forms and e-Index Builder pages will be updated on July 19, 2023 with the information detailed above. If you have any further questions, please contact the PMRA Information Service.

Online Decision Tree Update

Please be advised that the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) Online Decision Tree is currently being updated to reflect changes to various regulatory directives, including PMRA Guidance Document, Management of Submissions Policy, and Regulatory Directive DIR2016-02, Notification/Non-notification. Please visit our Policies and Guidelines webpage for updated guidance, directives, and policies.

In the meantime, the Online Decision Tree is available via email request. Included in the email response, will be two additional tables to complement the Online Decision Tree:

  1. The PMRA Submission Categories table: A comprehensive table of submission types listing the minimum set of documents required for each submission.
  2. The PMRA Similar Type Products table: A table of submission types that are to register "similar products", providing a quick comparison of their differences, their associated costs, timelines, as well as pros/cons.

Most requested information

Electronic Pesticide Submissions

Information technology is reshaping the way Canadians work and does business. The Electronic Pesticide Regulatory System, or e-PRS, offers a new approach to information management.


Forms are required to register a pest control product or modify an existing registration.

Pre-submission consultations

This service is designed to help registrants and applicants prepare their data package when applying to register a product or amend an existing registration.

Reporting for registrants and applicants

You will find the pesticide incident and sales information reports in this section. This reporting allows us to monitor pesticide use and impacts.

Public Registry

The Public Registry is a collection of non-confidential information on pesticides and the pesticide regulatory system.

Pesticide Label Search

This tool will allow you to search for a pesticide related product label.

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