Product Safety Testing

Health Canada carries out testing and research in its investigation of chemical, flammability, mechanical and electrical hazards of consumer products. We also develop and share test methods with industry and private laboratories.

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Why do we test?

Most of our tests are carried out to verify that products comply with existing safety regulations and standards. In addition, laboratory analyses provide valuable information following complaints and investigations.

What do we test?

Testing is performed on products such as cribs, household chemicals, paints, mattresses, clothing and tents.

Health Canada conducts testing in several other areas as well. Visit the Food Safety or Drugs and Health Products sections of this Web site to learn more.

How do we use the results?

The results of our testing are used in the development of safety standards and regulations, the enforcement of those regulations, the identification of potential hazards and in educational activities.

How do I get test methods for my products?

Complete the Test Method Request Form and the required test methods will be emailed to you.

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