List of Cancelled Boron/Boric Acid Products for Domestic Use

On July 22, 2016, Health Canada published the re-evaluation decision on the uses of pesticides containing boric acid and its salts (boron) in both commercial and residential settings. Over the next two years, a number of pesticide products that contain boric acid for use in and around the home will be phased-out of the marketplace. These are products that are in powder form or other formulations where there is a potential risk of overexposure for Canadians.

Other boric acid pesticide uses will continue to be registered in Canada with new, stronger label requirements to better protect the health of Canadians. The required label amendments must be in place no later than July 22, 2018. This includes enclosed bait stations and spot treatments using gel formulations with much lower levels of exposure which are considered acceptable.

Health Canada advises Canadians not to use pesticides in and around the home that contain boric acid that have had their registrations cancelled past their expiry date. Canadians should also consider using alternative products readily available during the phase out period of these products. For information on the safe disposal of pesticides, please consult your provincial or territorial government.

Health Canada reminds Canadians to never make homemade pesticides, including with boric acid/boron as an ingredient.

The schedule for the cancelled products:

  • Last date of retail sale:  July 22, 2018
  • Last date of allowable use (expiry of registration): July 22, 2019

List of Cancelled Domestic Products Containing Boron

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More information on this topic is available from Health Canada's Pest Management Information Service.

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