Webinar tutorial on the annual licence review application process for medical device establishment licences for 2022

MDEL Bulletin February 01, 2022, from the Medical Devices Compliance Program

The Medical Device Establishment Licensing Unit (MDELU) of the Regulatory Operations & Enforcement Branch (ROEB) is providing a free webinar on the annual licence review (ALR) in February 2022. The webinar will be pre-recorded and posted to the GCcollab space for stakeholders to access at their convenience. GCcollab is a collaborative digital workspace for the federal government, stakeholders and Canadians working in any sector.

In this webinar, stakeholders will learn how to complete, sign and submit the medical device establishment licence (MDEL) ALR application. At this session, MDELU will also give an overview of the MDEL fees and the small business strategy for ALR for 2022.

To access the webinar, you must ask for an invitation so you can register for a free GCcollab account. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Send a request by email to mdel.questions.leim@hc-sc.gc.ca using the subject line "GCcollab".
  2. Include the email address for each person(s) who wants to watch the ALR webinar. To view the webinar individually, each person must register for an account.
  3. Follow the instructions from GCcollab to register for a free account.

Once you have created your account, you will have access to GCcollab. You will be able to view the webinar once it's published on the page.

We will be emailing a link to the 2022 ALR instructional webinar recordings to all registered participants in the MDELU group. The webinar information will be saved under the Files section.

If you have questions about the webinar or other MDEL-related questions, please email us at mdel.questions.leim@hc-sc.gc.ca.

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