Compliance and enforcement: Drug and health products 

Compliance and enforcement activities are a key element of safeguarding the drugs and health products to which Canadians have access.

As part of its regulatory responsibilities, Health Canada is responsible for compliance monitoring and enforcement activities related to health products in order to verify that regulatory requirements are being applied appropriately. The Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch (ROEB) is responsible for health product compliance monitoring activities such as industry inspection and product investigation. ROEB develops and implements enforcement strategies in these areas.

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The Compliance and Enforcement Policy for Health Products (POL-0001) applies to Health Canada compliance and enforcement activities conducted in relation to health products that fall under the Food and Drugs Act. These products include:

Other related policies include:

ROEB is also responsible for compliance and enforcement activities in relation to the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHR Act). The AHR Act and its regulations establish at the federal level, the framework to help protect the health, safety, dignity and rights of individuals who use or are born of assisted human reproduction (AHR) in Canada. See the Compliance and Enforcement: Assisted Human Reproduction for more information.

The Compliance and Enforcement Policy for the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (POL-0100) describes Health Canada's national compliance and enforcement approach for materials and activities subject to the AHR Act and its regulations.


Registering a complaint for health products and for materials and activities pertaining to assisted human reproduction:

Annual inspection summary reports outline inspection activities conducted by ROEB.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency provides all federal inspection services related to food and enforces the food safety and nutritional quality standards established by Health Canada.

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