Scientific/Expert Advisory Committee: Health Products for Women – Summary of Affiliations and Interests

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Purpose of Summary

The following summarizes the information about expertise or experience, affiliations and interests relevant to the Scientific Advisory Committee on Health Products for Women (SAC-HPW) mandate declared by committee members. Health Canada considered these declarations as part of the selection process. The Health Products and Food Branch has made this summary available as part of its commitment to be transparent about the membership of its advisory bodies.

Assessment of affiliations and interests prior to each meeting

Prior to each committee meeting, Health Canada assesses members' affiliations and interests, including direct financial interests, as they may apply to agenda items for discussion. Depending on the nature of the member's affiliations or interests, the Chair of the committee in consultation with the members, may limit the participation of a member in the meeting or ask him/her to make a verbal statement of affiliations and interests at the beginning of the meeting. Members' affiliations and interests are reviewed on an annual basis and updated as required based on changes in the status of their affiliations and interests.

In accordance with the Health Products and Food Branch Review of Regulated Products: Policy on Public Input and Guidance on Advisory Bodies, a person with a direct financial interest in the outcome of a review of a regulated product may be a member of an advisory body whose broader mandate encompasses matters of policy, management, or program development. However, such a member would not be asked to participate in any discussion, formulation of advice, or recommendations to Health Canada relating to that review.

Indicated [Sector/Perspective] and [Expertise/Experience]


  • Health professional
  • Patient/consumer
  • Academia
  • Research
  • Public policy


  • women's health research including research ethics
  • first-hand personal experience as, for example, a health professional, patient, or caregiver
  • clinical trial or investigational testing involving women
  • sex and gender-based analysis (particularly for drug or device development)
  • medical devices (including devices unique to women such as breast implants, contraceptive devices)
  • drugs (pharmaceuticals, biologics, gene therapies) including regarding sex-based differences for safety and/or efficacy
  • post-market real world issues with drugs and devices related to women's health;
  • Indigenous women's health issues, and/or
  • other relevant expertise
  1. Direct financial interests
    1. Current employment, investments in companies, partnerships, equity, royalties, joint ventures, trusts, real property, stocks, shares or bonds, with the regulated industry
  2. Indirect financial interests
    1. Within the past five years, payment from regulated industry for work done or being done, including past employment, contracts or consulting; or financial support including research support, personal education grants, contributions, fellowships, sponsorships, and honoraria.
    2. Within the past five years, materials, discounted products, gifts, or other benefits, or attendance at meetings where all or part of the travel and accommodation costs were provided by the regulated industry.
    3. Within the last three years, grants or other funding from the regulated industry to any of the organizations where you are currently employed or participate in internal decision-making.
  3. Intellectual interests
    1. Within the last five years, any formal advice or opinion to industry, a government organization or a non-government organization on a matter of relevance to the SAC-HPW
    2. Within the last five years, any published or publicly stated point of view on issues of relevance to the SAC-HPW mandate
    3. Current professional or volunteer affiliations such as membership of professional societies, lobbying, public interest or advocacy groups, of relevance to the SAC-HPW
  4. Other
    1. Any other affiliations and interests or potential circumstances that might give a well-informed member of the public reasonable grounds for concern regarding the integrity and objectivity of your participation
Affiliations and Interests Summaries
Name and Indicated Sector/Perspective and Expertise Experience Summary of Responses
Dr. Ashley Waddington, MD, FRCSC, MPA Research/ academia, health professional; contraception, paediatric and adolescent gynaecology 1 No 2 (a) Yes 2 (b) No 2 (c) No 3 (a) Yes 3 (b) Yes 3 (c) Yes 4 No
Comments: Member of an Advisory Board for a Pharmaceutical Company. Received research funding from a pharmaceutical company. Chair of an advocacy group; the Canadian Network for Intrauterine Contraception (CNIC).
Dr. Cara Tannenbaum, MD, MSc Government, research/ academia, health professional; geriatric pharmacology, health and aging 1 No 2 (a) Yes 2 (b) Yes 2 (c) No 3 (a) No 3 (b) Yes 3 (c) No 4 No
Comments: Familial affiliations to pharmaceutical companies, including consultation on advisory boards.
Ms. Constance Sugiyama, CM, JD, LL.D (Hon) Corporate Director, Strategy Advisor 1 Yes 2 (a) No 2 (b) No 2 (c) No 3 (a) No 3 (b) No 3 (c) Yes 4 No
Comments: President of ConMark Strategy Inc., a privately held company. Minority investor in a privately held medical devices company. Strategy consultant for the Government of Ontario in a non-health capacity (2014-2016). Board Member of the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, Gairdner Foundation, Mount Pleasant Group, Ontario Financing Authority (Vice Chair). In a voluntary capacity, member of the Advisory Council of Scaleup Ventures that invests in early stage companies. Honorary Patron of Informed Opinions and voluntary member of the advisory councils of the 30% Club Canada and Women in Capital Markets.
Dr. David Urbach, MD, MSc Research/ academia, health professional; minimally invasive surgery and cancer 1 No 2 (a) No 2 (b) No 2 (c) No 3 (a) Yes 3 (b) Yes 3 (c) Yes 4 No
Comments: Prepared expert opinions but has not testified in court related to medical devices. Written several articles on the regulation and approval of medical devices. Member of several professional medical organizations.
Ms. Gloria Letendre, MSc Primary Care and Community Nursing 1 No 2 (a) No 2 (b) No 2 (c) No 3 (a) No 3 (b) No 3 (c) No 4 No
Comments: None
Dr. Lorraine Greaves, MA, PhD Research/ academia; integrating sex and gender in research, gender and substance abuse and women's tobacco use 1 No 2 (a) No 2 (b) No 2 (c) No 3 (a) No 3 (b) No 3 (c) No 4 No
Dr. Louise Pilote, MD, MPH, PhD, FTCPC Research/ academia, health professional; sex and gender difference related to cardiovascular conditions 1 No 2 (a) No 2 (b) No 2 (c) No 3 (a) No 3 (b) Yes 3 (c) Yes 4 No
Comments: Principal investigator of GOING FWD: An international consortium on the inclusion of sex and gender to maximize precision health care of chronic diseases. Member of the research committee of the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine, the Canadian Society of Cardiology and the Collège des médecins du Québec. Written several articles on sex and gender-based analyses. Research funded by CIHR and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
Ms. Madeline Boscoe, RN, DU

Health professional;

women's health

1 No 2 (a) No 2 (b) No 2 (c) No 3 (a) No 3 (b) Yes 3 (c) No 4 No
Comments: Member of the Sex/Gender Methods Group in Cochrane Collaboration. Previously, she served as the Executive Director of the Canadian Women's Health Network and as the Advocacy Coordinator at the Women's Health Clinic in Winnipeg. Founding member of the Gender and Health Institutes' Advisory Board within the CIHR.
Dr. Sharon Batt, BA (Hon), MA, PhD Research/ academia; women's health and health products 1 No 2 (a) Yes 2 (b) Yes 2 (c) Yes 3 (a) Yes 3 (b) Yes 3 (c) Yes 4 No
Comments: Received funding to present/attend conferences and author papers/articles for unions, associations, health care conferences and academia related to industry influence and patient advocacy. Honorary Member and Co-founder of Breast Cancer Action Quebec, Executive Board Member of the Nova Scotia Health Coalition, Member of the Public Awareness Committee of the Canadian Deprescribing Network, Member of the Steering Committee for the Women and Health Protection listserve, and Member of Health Action International.
Dr. Sherif Eltonsy, BPharm, MSc, PhD Research/ academia, drug safety and effectiveness and real world evidence 1 No 2 (a) No 2 (b) No 2 (c) No 3 (a) No 3 (b) No 3 (c) No 4 No

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