Access Consortium offers pipeline meetings to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies

The Access Consortium is offering joint pipeline meetings to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Pipeline meetings between our regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are an opportunity to exchange information on new developments and collaborate on new possibilities.

The meetings will also help Access regulators plan and prepare for future work-share applications.

Information discussed in these meetings will remain confidential.

Stakeholders must submit a request for a pipeline meeting.

Topics for discussion at these meetings may include:

As the Heads of the Access Consortium, we are committed to working with our applicants to facilitate further access to safe, effective and high-quality medicines for patients.

Contact us

If you are interested in a pipeline meeting, please email us at one of the addresses below. Also include a list of proposed topics, your questions and timeframes associated with your planned application. This will help us ensure we have the right staff present from the various agencies at your meeting.

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