Filing a drug or device marketing complaint

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What you can do to help

You may see or receive drug or device marketing. You can help us identify and report any suspected illegal marketing by:

Privacy statement: Your identity will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act if you file a complaint about suspected illegal marketing.

The complaint process

Once the complaint has been submitted:

  • an acknowledgment letter with a reference number will be sent to you
  • the complaint will be assessed to confirm whether or not the marketing materials at issue comply with the applicable laws
  • where non-compliance is found, we will prioritize and take appropriate action to address complaints based on the type and degree of risk they may pose
  • information regarding this complaint will be included in Health Canada's table of advertising incidents

We will contact you to:

  • get more information, if necessary
  • inform you of the outcome of the assessment and any actions that have been taken

Contact us with further questions and enquiries at:

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