Authorization of medical devices for an urgent public health need: List of authorized medical devices

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Devices that are on this list are authorized under Part 1.1 of the Medical Devices Regulations. For more information on how to obtain an authorization, please visit the overview page.

Medical device incidents

If you have witnessed or experienced a problem with a medical device, you should report it directly to the manufacturer of the device. Look for the manufacturer's contact information on the box and/or the instructions for use.

You may also report your concern directly to Health Canada.

List of medical devices authorized under Part 1.1 of the MDR

This list is updated every day by 5 am EST.

The entries in this list represent each individual device identifier included on each authorization. In other words, a single authorization may be for multiple devices, such as a testing device and control kits, that are meant to be used together to conduct a test.

Within the authorization, each device is listed separately. The "Initial authorization date" column indicates the date that the device was authorized for sale for the first time. Manufacturers may amend their authorizations to add additional devices over time. The date that new device identifiers are added is reflected in the "Device identifier authorization date" column.

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