Natural health product regulation in Canada: Improved natural health product labelling

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NHP labelling requirements

All NHPs must meet specific labelling requirements to help you make safe and informed choices about the NHPs you choose to use. NHP labels must include:

Improved NHP labelling

In 2022, Health Canada amended the Natural Health Products Regulations to support consistent and prominent labelling of key information.

Changes to the labelling requirements include:

These changes will create a safer marketplace for you as better labelling will support you in selecting and safely using NHPs.

You can find more information on labelling and packaging requirements for NHPs in the guidance document on labelling of natural health products.

Implementing new labelling requirements

Health Canada knows that NHP label changes will take time for industry to implement. The new requirements takes into consideration industry concerns about costs, packaging and potential environmental impacts when it designed the transition to the improved labelling requirements. To minimize any potential impacts, we have:

Timelines to implement improved NHP labelling

Products authorized by Health Canada before June 21, 2025, will have until June 22, 2028, to comply with the new labelling requirements.

Products authorized by Health Canada on or after June 21, 2025, are expected to comply with the new labelling requirements immediately.

Health Canada continues to work with companies to help implement the improved labelling requirements.

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