COVID-19 and the food industry

Information and resources for the food industry in relation to COVID-19

Food inspections, imports and exports

Guidance and updates regarding COVID-19 for food businesses, importing and exporting food or animals, market access

Agriculture and agri-food industry

Resources for producers and businesses, temporary foreign workers, trade, transportation and Canada‚Äôs food supply 

Business and employee safety

Preparing workplaces, guidance for employers and employees including retailers

Food labelling

Nutrition labelling regulations and requirements, food labelling and packaging requirements

Foods for a special dietary purpose

Guidance for manufacturers and importers, list of designated foods, who to contact

Financial and economic support for businesses

List of actions to help support businesses and sectors

Related information for Canadians

COVID-19 and food safety

Safe food practices, safe food shopping, home food delivery, online food shopping

Healthy eating during the COVID-19 pandemic

Healthy meal and snack ideas, foods to buy, meal planning, eating habits

Disinfectants, hand sanitizers, cleaners and soaps

Lists of approved products, information on expedited access

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