ARCHIVED - Survey of Bisphenol A in Baby Foods Prepackaged in Glass Jars with Metal Lids

This survey examined samples from 122 baby foods sold in glass jars with metal lids, and found very low levels of BPA in these products.  The results of this survey clearly indicate that exposure to BPA through the consumption of baby food is extremely low and poses no health or safety concerns. 

BPA is used to make epoxy resins, which are used as protective linings on the inside of metal lids and containers.  These linings serve an important role as they prevent corrosion of the metal and contamination of food and beverages from dissolved metals.  The linings also play an important role in preserving the quality and safety of the food.  While BPA is used in the lining of some metal lids of baby food, overall exposure to BPA from the lids is minor as the surface area of the lid exposed to food is small.

The survey was conducted by Health Canada as part of its research and monitoring agenda to further investigate potential health effects of BPA and improve its understanding of Canadian exposure to this chemical through food sources.

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