ARCHIVED - FAO/WHO Expert Meeting To Review Toxicological and Health Aspects of Bisphenol A (BPA)

The WHO Collaborating Centre for Food Contamination Monitoring within Health Canada's Food Directorate is hosting the expert meeting announced by the World Health Organization to review toxicological and health aspects of bisphenol A. This expert meeting is supported jointly by Health Canada (HC) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA), and is held in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The expert meeting will take place November 2-5, 2010 in Ottawa, Canada.

Meeting Objectives and Expected Outcome

The intention of this meeting will be to analyse the available scientific data on BPA in order to provide an updated description of potential human health risks related to BPA exposure.

The specific scope of the meeting will be to review current knowledge on:

  • Occurrence of BPA in food, including possible migration from food contact material
  • Exposure to BPA from different sources, including specifically exposure through food as a result of migration from food contact material
  • Toxicity of BPA based on animal studies, including OECD guideline studies as well as research studies with other study designs
  • Review of epidemiological studies
  • Human health risk assessment, including consideration of sensitive sub-populations and sensitive life-stages

The outcome of the expert meeting is expected to provide a description and analysis of at least the following areas:

  • Current state of knowledge on toxicology and exposure
  • Risk assessment, including attendant uncertainties
  • Knowledge gaps
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

For more information on this meeting, please visit the World Health Organization web site.

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