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Organizations interested in making use of the materials are to abide by the following terms and style guidelines:

1. Ownership and Usage of Materials

Stakeholder Toolkit materials were produced and/or compiled by Health Canada for the purpose of providing Canadians with access to information concerning safe food handling practices. You may use and reproduce the materials as follows:

Non-commercial reproduction
Unless otherwise specified, you may reproduce the materials in whole or in part for non-commercial purposes without charge or further permission. Materials may only be altered for co-branding, provided they follow pre-established guidelines and are reviewed and approved for distribution by Health Canada’s Publishing, Licensing & Copyright Officer.

Commercial reproduction
Unless otherwise specified, you may not reproduce Stakeholder Toolkit materials, in whole or in part, for the purposes of commercial redistribution without prior written permission from the Government of Canada's copyright administrator, Health Canada. To obtain permission to reproduce Government of Canada materials for commercial purposes, apply for copyright clearance or write to:

Publishing, Licensing & Copyright Officer
Distribution Centre
Marketing, Partnerships and Creative Services
Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada
70 promenade Colombine Driveway
Basement Floor -- Room/Pièce 0120C
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0K9

Some of the content in the stakeholder toolkit may be subject to the copyright of another party. Where information has been produced or copyright is not held by Government of Canada, the materials are protected under the Copyright Act, and international agreements.

To obtain additional information concerning copyright ownership and restrictions, please contact Health Canada's copyright coordinator by email at or by sending a detailed fax to 613-941-5366.

2. No endorsement implied

All icons, artwork and materials are to be used for educational purposes and in no way indicate an endorsement of a product or service.

3. Downloadable low resolution material with Government of Canada branding only

No modification allowed
Toolkit users will not be allowed to alter the materials in any way, shape or form.

Government of Canada logos
The Canada work mark and Health Canada logo will be displayed on the materials and are not to be cropped, modified or removed.

4. Co-Branded Materials

If you are interested in using the materials in high resolution and add your logo, you may send us an email:

A member of our team will communicate with you to finalize the registration process, and will grant you full access to materials.

Stakeholder Logo - Positioning and Alignment
Both Government of Canada and partner logos are positioned at the bottom of the page. The Partner logo will be located to the left of the government logo, and must be proportionate in size to the Government of Canada logo. The partner logo must appear without any promotional or corporate tag line.


5. Be Food Safe Icons

The  Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education has given permission to Health Canada for inclusion of the Be Food Safe icons ('Clean', 'Separate', 'Cook' and '‘Chill') on the Safe Food Handling fact sheets.

These icons are strictly for use with the fact sheets that have been tailored for at-risk audiences and the general Canadian population. The icons are not to be modified and/or separated for use on other materials.


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