In 2019, Health Canada received a submission to allow the sale of LactoSpore® as a food ingredient in a wide variety of foods such as baked goods, confections and frostings, snack foods, etc.  The full list of foods can be found by clicking the Technical Summary link at the bottom of this page. LactoSpore® is a powder preparation of spores of the bacteria Bacillus coagulans strain MTCC 5856.

In order to determine whether LactoSpore® could be sold in Canada as a food ingredient, the scientists at Health Canada conducted a scientific assessment to ensure that it is safe for consumption and of the same nutritional quality as similar products available on the market. Our scientists also assessed how the LactoSpore® was developed and whether it can be toxic or cause allergic reactions.

Scientists with expertise in molecular biology, microbiology, toxicology, chemistry and nutrition conducted a thorough analysis of the data and the protocols provided by the applicant to ensure the validity of the results.

Following this assessment, it was determined that the changes made to this LactoSpore® did not pose a greater risk to human health than commercial formulations containing microbial spores currently available on the Canadian market. Health Canada concluded that LactoSpore® is not a source of allergens and its nutritional value is no different from other preparations containing microbial spores that are used in food.

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