Completed safety assessments of novel foods including genetically modified (GM) foods

After completing an assessment for a novel food and finding it to be safe for human consumption, the Food Directorate updates the list below. Each listed product is linked to a summary of the information reviewed that supports the Food Directorate's opinion that there is no objection to the product's sale as food in Canada. The opinions are based on the comprehensive review of information submitted by the proponent according to the Guidelines for the Safety Assessment of Novel Foods Derived from Plants and Microorganisms (2006).

Table of completed novel food safety assessments
Decision date
Product Proponent
2024/02/20 Short Stature Maize MON 94804 Bayer CropScience Inc.
2024/01/31 β-Lactoglobulin protein from yeast strain Komagataella phaffii yRMK-66 Remilk
2024/01/16 Arctic® apple event PG451 Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc.
2023/01/20 Fy Protein™ - A nutritional fungi protein from Fusarium sp. strain flavolapis The Fynder Group, Inc. DBA: Nature's Fynd
2023/12/29 Herbicide tolerant sugar beet – KWS20-1 Bayer CropScience Inc.
2023/09/27 Herbicide tolerant (HT4) soybean – MON 94313 Bayer CropScience Inc.
2022/07/22 2′-fucosyllactose (2′-FL) from Escherichia coli K-12 (DH1) MDO MAP1001d strain Glycom A/S
2023/02/08 ROXY® rice expressing an oxyfluorfen herbicide tolerance characteristic California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation (CCRRF)
2022/10/11 Canola Protein Isolate and Cruciferin-rich Canola Protein Isolate Merit Functional Foods Corporation
2022/08/04 Sugarcane CTC75064-3 Centro de Technologia Canavieira
2022/04/20 Herbicide Tolerant DT Sorghum S&W Seed Company
2022/04/20 Insect Resistant and Herbicide Tolerant Zea maize event DP-915635 Pioneer Hi-Bred Canada Company
2022/02/08 High oleic acid soybean line SVX-4003 Sevita Genetics
2021/12/23 High Oleic Soybean Calyxt Inc.
2021/12/13 Plum Pox Virus (PPV) Resistant C5 Plum United States Department of Agriculture
2021/12/06 Soy leghemoglobin (LegH) preparation as an ingredient in all simulated meat and poultry products Impossible Foods Inc.
2021/11/12 Napin-rich Canola Protein Isolate Merit Functional Foods Corporation
2021/11/03 2'-Fucosyllactose from genetically engineered E. coli K12 MG1655 strain (sINB000846) DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences
2021/10/19 Quizalofop tolerant rice - RTA1 RiceTec Inc.
2021/10/07 D-tagatose Bonumose LLC Company
2021/09/24 Lepidopteran Protected Corn - MON 95379 Bayer CropScience Inc.
2021/09/02 Insect Resistant and Herbicide Tolerant Maize Event DP-023211-2 Pioneer Hi-Bred Canada Company
2021/06/09 2'-Fucosyllactose (2'-FL) in toddler formulas Abbott Nutrition
2021/05/27 Soybean Event GMB151 BASF Canada Inc.
2021/05/27 Abiotic Stress and Herbicide Tolerant HB4 Soybean (IND-00410-5) Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp.
2021/04/23 Dicamba Tolerant Canola – MON 94100 Bayer CropScience Inc.
2021/03/24 Event EF2-114 Pineapple Del Monte Fresh Produce Company
2021/03/03 Camelina Oil Derived from Thifensulfuron-Tolerant Camelina Line 14CS0851-01-14 Smart Earth Camelina Corporation
2020/09/30 Enhanced Yield and Herbicide Tolerant Maize DP-202216-6 Pioneer Hi-Bred Canada Company
2020/09/24 Simplot Innate®Potato Event Gen2-Z6 J.R. Simplot Company
2020/08/21 Herbicide Tolerant Corn - MON 87429 Bayer Crop Science
2020/07/28 Highly refined oil rich in DHA derived from canola - NS-B5ØØ27-4 Nuseed Americas
2020/07/17 Ahiflower®Oil Nature's Crops International
2020/05/07 Imidazolinone herbicide tolerant grain sorghum - ADV-IMI-R Advanta Seeds
2020/04/07 LactoSpore® Sabinsa Corporation
2020/01/06 Soy leghemoglobin (LegH) preparation as an ingredient in a simulated meat product (i.e., the Impossible™ Burger) and other ground beef analogues Impossible Foods Inc.
2019/12/09 EPA+DHA Herbicide Tolerant Canola Event LBFLFK BASF Canada Inc.
2019/09/09 Insect-resistant sugarcane CTC91087-6 Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira
2019/06/04 Imidazolinone Herbicide Tolerant Rice RTC1 RiceTec Inc.
2018/12/05 2'-fucosyllactose (2'-FL) from Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3) Strain #1540 Jennewein Biotechnologie, GmbH
2018/10/19 Herbicide Tolerant Cotton Event GHB811 BASF Canada Inc.
2018/08/24 Cotton Event MON 88702 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2018/03/23 Sugarcane CTC175-A Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira
2018/03/16 Provitamin A Biofortified Rice Event GR2E (Golden Rice) International Rice Research Institute
2018/01/30 Arctic Fuji Apple Event NF872 Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc.
2018/01/30 Male Sterile Herbicide Tolerant Brassica napus Event MS11 Bayer CropScience Inc.
2018/01/10 High Oleic Algae Oil from Prototheca moriformis S8695B Corbion Biotech Inc.
2017/10/10 Freeze-dried Tetraselmis chui strain 8/6 as a novel food Fitoplancton marino, S.L.
2017/07/28 Simplot Innate®Potato Events Gen2-W8, Gen2-X17, and Gen2-Y9 J.R. Simplot Company
2017/06/23 Herbicide Tolerant DuPont Inzen™ Sorghum E.I. du Pont Canada Company
2017/05/19 High Oleic Algae Oil S6697 and S2532 TerraVia Holdings Inc.
2017/05/02 Lutein in Toddler Foods Abbott Laboratories Ltd.
2017/03/31 Acrylamide-reducing Baker's Yeast Renaissance BioScience Corporation
2016/12/01 Whole Algal Protein from Chlorella protothecoides strain S106 as a Food Ingredient Solazyme Inc.
2016/08/09 Herbicide Tolerant and Insect Protected Corn Event MZIR098 Syngenta Canada Inc.
2016/07/22 Simplot Innate®Potato Event Gen1-V11 J.R. Simplot Company
2016/05/23 Herbicide Tolerant MZHG0JG Corn Syngenta Canada Inc.
2016/05/19 AquAdvantage Salmon AquaBounty Canada Inc.
2016/05/09 CoffeeBerry®whole fruit derivatives VDF FutureCeuticals Inc.
2016/04/05 Provisia™ rice (Oryza sativa L.) with ACCase inhibitor herbicide tolerance trait HPHI2 BASF Plant Science
2016/03/18 Simplot Innate® Potato Events Gen1-E12, Gen1-F10, Gen1-J3, and Gen1-J55 J.R. Simplot Company
2016/02/08 Whole Algal Flour to be used as a partial replacement for cream, milk, eggs/egg yolks and butter/shortening in a variety of foods Solazyme Inc.
2016/02/08 Herbicide Tolerant Maize MON 87419 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2015/12/03 Glabrous canary seed (Phalaris canariensis L.) Canary Seed Development Commission of Saskatchewan
2015/11/18 Increased Ear Biomass Maize MON 87403 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2015/10/23 Corn Root Worm Protected Maize - MON 87411 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2015/08/18 DHASCO®-B Algal Oil DSM Nutritional Products
2015/03/20 Arctic®Apple Events GD743 and GS784 Okanagan Specialty Fruits
2015/03/10 Herbicide Tolerant Cotton DAS-81910-7 Dow AgroSciences Inc.
2014/10/31 Insect Resistant Soy - MON 87751 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2014/09/24 Reduced Lignin Alfalfa KK179 Monsanto Canada Inc. and Forage Genetics LLC
2014/09/08 Glyphosate-tolerant Corn - HCEM485 Stine Seed Farm Inc.
2014/09/05 Cyclic Dextrin, Highly Branched (Cluster Dextrin®, CCD®) Glico Nutrition Company Ltd.
2014/07/16 Egg Salad, Egg Dips, and Egg Spreads Treated with High Pressure Processing (HPP) Burnbrae Farms Limited
2014/07/16 Raw Fruit Juices Treated with High Pressure Processing (HPP) A. Lassonde Inc.
2014/06/23 Dicamba and Glufosinate-tolerant Cotton MON 88701 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2014/05/15 Herbicide Tolerant Soybean SYHT0H2 Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.
Bayer CropScience Inc.
2014/04/23 Fruit and Vegetable-based Juices Treated with High Pressure Processing (HPP) Gridpath Solutions Inc.
2014/02/14 Meal replacements and formulated liquid diets with added Calcium 3-hydroxy-3-methyl butyrate monohydrate (CaHMB) Abbott Laboratories Ltd.
2014/02/12 Herbicide Tolerant Maize Event VCO-Ø1981-5 Genective SA
2013/12/04 Eggs pasteurized by In-shell Heat Treatment National Pasteurized Eggs Inc.
2013/11/26 Cibus Canola Line 5715 (imidazolinone and sulfonylurea herbicide tolerant) Cibus US LLC
2013/10/23 Canola (Brassica napus) Event CLB-1 BASF Canada Inc.
2013/10/02 Fruit and Vegetable-based Smoothies Treated with High Pressure Processing (HPP) Drinkme Beverage Co.
2013/09/10 Soybean Modified to Increase Yield MON 87712 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2013/06/21 Insect Resistant and Herbicide Tolerant Maize Event 4114 Pioneer Hi-Bred Canada Inc.
2013/06/07 Herbicide Tolerant Soybean DAS-44406-6 Dow Agrosciences Canada Inc.
2013/05/01 High Pressure Processing (HPP)-Treated Raw Ground Beef (73% protein, 19% fat) Gridpath Solutions Inc.
2013/02/22 Insect Resistant Maize Event 5307 Syngenta Canada Inc.
2012/11/28 Avocado Pulp, Guacamole and Tomato-Based Salsas treated by High Pressure Processing (HPP) Gridpath Solutions Inc.
2012/10/31 Imidazolinone Tolerant Soybean BPS-CV127-9 BASF Canada Inc.
2012/10/31 FloraGLO Crystalline Lutein Kemin Foods, L.C.
2012/10/12 Dicamba Tolerant Soybean MON 87708 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2012/10/12 Soybean DAS-68416-4 Dow Agrosciences Canada Inc.
2012/08/15 Wheat Bran Extract Fugeia NV
2012/06/20 Double Herbicide Tolerant Soybean Event FG72 Bayer CropScience Inc.
2012/06/12 Glyphosate Tolerant Canola MON 88302 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2012/06/12 Maize Event MON 87427 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2012/05/16 2,4-D Herbicide Tolerant Corn Dow Agrosciences Canada Inc.
2012/05/04 Herbicide Tolerant Canola Lines 73496 and 61061 Pioneer Hi-Bred International
2012/04/04 Sucromalt (Xtend®) Cargill Inc.
2012/04/04 Compliments Balance Non-Hydrogenated Margarine with Plant Sterols (454g) Richardson Nutrition
2012/04/04 Reduced-Calorie Margarine Containing Plant Sterols Groupe Bergeron-Thibault Group
2012/03/09 Chromium Picolinate (Chromax®) Nutrition 21
2011/12/29 Cotton Event GHB119 Bayer CropScience Inc.
2011/12/29 Cotton Event T304-40 Bayer CropScience Inc.
2012/12/19 Isomaltulose (Palatinose™) Beneo-Palatinit GmbH
2011/12/09 President's Choice Blue Menu Celeb Non-Hydrogenated Margarine with Plant Sterols Innovative Foods Corporation
2011/10/15 Stearidonic Acid (SDA) Producing Soybean MON 87769 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2011/09/29 Soybean Event MON 87705 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2011/08/26 Biscuits Praeventia Chocolat Noir Mme Christine Maltais Biscuits Lecleric Ltée
2011/08/10 Martek DHAä-O Algal Oil Martek Biosciences Corporation
2011/06/08 Insect Resistant Cotton Event COT67B Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.
2011/04/27 Phytosterols 95% (a phytosterol product for use in foods) Naturex, France
2011/04/13 Insect Resistant Cotton (COT102) Sygenta Seeds Inc.
2011/01/26 President's Choice Blue Menu Yogurt Shot with Plant Sterols
Mixed Berry - 4×93 ml multipack
Strawberry - 4×93 ml multipack
Parmalat Canada
2011/01/20 Drought Tolerant Corn MON 87460 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2010/12/08 Drinkable Yogurt Product (90 ml) Astro Biobest - Plant Stérols Végétaux Parmalat Canada
2010/11/10 OSE-95 (a phytosterol product for use in foods) Organic Technologies, USA
2010/10/27 Use of Multiple-cycle High Pressure Processing (HPP) Treatment of Ready To Eat (RTE) Meat and Poultry Products Gridpath Solutions Inc.
2010/10/27 Arboris®
Arboris® Sterol AS-2®
Arboris® Sterol esters
Arboris LLC, USA
2010/10/21 Insect Protected Soybean MON 87701 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2010/09/29 OS-95 (a phytosterol product for use in foods) Organic Technologies, USA
2010/09/29 Yogurt Product with added Phytosterols (Eating Right Yogurt) Canada Safeway Limited
2010/08/25 Vegapure®
Vegapure® 867 G
Vegapure® 95R
Vegapure® 67 WDP E
Vegapure® F40 WDP E
Vegapure® M
Cognis Corporation
2010/07/28 Yogurt Product with added Phytosterols (Danacol) Danone Inc.
2010/07/28 NH Margarine
Western Family NH Margarine with Plant Sterols
Co-Op Gold NH Margarine with Plant Sterols
PC Blue Menu NH Margarine with Plant Sterols
Eating Right NH Margarine with Plant Sterols
Canola Harvest NH Margarine with Plant Sterols
Richardson Oilseed Limited
2010/07/28 Yogurt Product (100 g) Astro Biobest - Plant Stérols Végétaux Parmalat Canada
2010/05/14 CardioAidR
CardioAidR PSD
CardioAidR XF
CardioAidR IP
CardioAidR T
CardioAidR XF EU
CardioAidR SF
CardioAidR S
CardioAidR SWD
CardioAidR WB
Archer Daniels Midland Company
2010/05/14 Yellow fat spreads with added phytosterols Unilever Canada Inc.
2010/05/14 Fruit and vegetable juice products with added phytosterols A. Lassonde Inc.
2010/05/14 Corowise™:
Corowise™ PS-100
Corowise™ FP-100
Corowise™ FP-300
Corowise™ FP-400
Corowise™ PSD-100
Corowise™ ES-200
Corowise™ SE-C 100
Corowise™ WDSE-33
Corowise™ Tall oil phytosterols
Corowise™ FP-100E
Corowise™ FP-300E
Corowise™ PSD-100E
Corowise™ SE-C102E
Cargill Inc
2010/05/14 Orange juice products with added phytosterols Coca-Cola Ltd


VegapureR95FF, 95E and 95ER
VegapureRF 90 ME

Cognis Corporation
2010/05/03 Herbicide Tolerant Sunflower H4 BASF Canada Inc.
2010/04/07 Martek DHA-S and Martek HM for use in infant foods Martek Biosciences Corporation
2010/03/24 Insect Protected Corn Line MIR162 Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.
2010/01/07 Camelina Oil Canpressco
2009/12/22 Isomalto-oligosaccharides (VitaFiber ™) Bioneutra
2009/09/23 Glyphosate Tolerant Soybean event 356043 Pioneer Hi-Bred International
2009/09/23 Glyphosate Tolerant Corn event 98140 Pioneer Hi-Bred International
2009/05/06 High Oleic Soybean Pioneer Hi-Bred International
2008/09/19 Betapol ™ Lipid Nutrition BV
2008/08/07 Enhanced Stearate Soybean Monsanto Canada
2008/05/18 Insect Protected Corn Line MON 89034 Monsanto Canada
2008/05/08 Clearfield™ canola quality Brassica juncea S006 BASF Canada Inc.
2008/03/28 Papaya Drink containing Lutein Rubicon Food Products Ltd.
2008/03/28 Break Free Omega Pro liquid eggs containing Lutein Burnbrae Farms Ltd.
2008/03/28 Omega Pro shell eggs containing Lutein Burnbrae Farms Ltd.
2008/03/13 Alpha Amylase Corn Event 3272 Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.
2008/03/13 Glytol™ Cotton Event GHB614 Bayer CropScience Canada Co.
2008/01/03 ExpressSun™ Sunflower SU7 Pioneer Hi-Bred International
2007/11/26 Lutein and Zeaxanthin enhanced Eggs L.H. Gray & Son Limited
2007/09/21 Chicken Eggs Enriched by Dietary Means in Lutein Maple Leaf Foods Agresearch, SHUR-GAIN
2007/07/04 Maize lines containing event MIR604 Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.
2007/06/27 Glyphosate Tolerant Soybean MON 89788 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2007/03/22 TUSC 1 Corn Pioneer Hi-Bred International
2007/02/27 Clearfield Bread Wheat Variety BW7 BASF Canada Inc.
2006/12/13 Use of Ultra High Pressure to process Meat-containing entrees, Meat-containing salads and meat products Maple Leaf Consumer Foods
2006/12/12 Juice with Added FloraGLO® Crystalline Lutein A. Lassonde Inc
2006/11/16 Clearfield Rice Varieties CL IMINTA 1 and CL IMINTA 4 BASF Canada Inc.
2006/11/16 Clearfield Durum Wheat varieties DW1 and DW12 BASF Canada Inc.
2006/11/16 Wine derived from the Wine Yeast ECMo01 First Venture Technologies Corporation
2006/10/26 Use of High Hydrostatic Pressure for the Control of Listeria monocytogenes in Ready to Eat (RTE) Meats and Poultry. Santa Marie Foods Ltd.
2006/10/05 Low Linolenic Soybean Pioneer Hi-Bred International
2006/10/05 Rinse and Chill Technology™ MPSC Inc.
2006/07/12 Wine derived from the Wine Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae ML01 Dr. van Vuuren, University of British Columbia
2006/07/12 High Lysine Maize (LY038) Monsanto Canada Inc.
2006/06/28 Insect Resistant, Glufosinate Tolerant Maize event TC6275 Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc..
2006/06/07 Clearfield Bread Wheat Varieties BW255-2 and BW238-3 BASF Canada Inc.
2006/06/07 Glufosinate tolerant Rice event LLRice62 Bayer CropScience Canada Co.
2006/06/01 Microencapsulated Bonito Fish Oil Ocean Nutrition
2006/06/01 DHASCO oil as a novel source of docosahexanoic acid (DHA) in foods Martek
2006/06/01 Juices containing Fish Oil A. Lassonde
2006/02/17 Insect Resistant Glyphosate tolerant Maize event MON 88017 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2006/01/11 Admixture of the Concentrated Fermented Whey Nutractis™ to Butter, Cheese Spread and Whipped Cream Technologie Biolactis
2005/11/18 Cry34/35Ab1 Insect Resistant, Glufosinate Tolerant Corn Event DAS-51922-7 Dow Agrosciences Canada Inc.
2005/11/16 Glyphosate Tolerant Cotton MON 88913 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2005/10/25 Clearfield™ Sunflower line X81359 BASF Canada
2005/08/31 Glyphosate tolerant Sugarbeet (Event H7-1) Monsanto Canada Inc.
2005/07/29 Cry1F Insect Resistant Cotton, Event 281-24-236 Dow AgroSciences
2005/07/29 Cry1Ac Insect Resistant Cotton, Event 3006-210-23 Dow AgroSciences
2005/07/28 Glyphosate tolerant alfalfa, J101 and J163 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2005/06/30 Trehalose Cargill, Inc. and Hayashibara International, Inc.
2004/11/18 High Hydrostatic Pressure Treated Applesauce and Applesauce/Fruit Blends Leahy Orchards Inc.
2004/09/10 Vegetable diacylglycerol oil Archer Daniels Midland/ Kao Corporation
2004/09/03 Glufosinate tolerant cotton derived from transformation event LL25 Bayer CropScience
2004/06/25 ClearfieldT Imidazolinone tolerant wheat (Teal 11A) BASF Canada
2004/06/25 ClearfieldT Imidazolinone tolerant lentil (RH44) BASF Canada
2004/05/10 Omega-3 enhanced pork and products derived therefrom Les petite fermes du Centaure Inc.
2004/04/26 Microencapsulated Fish Oil Ocean Nutrition Canada, Ltd.
2003/12/22 Milk with docosahexanoic acid (DHA) obtained through the use of a DHA-rich feed additive and dairy products derived from this milk Food Systems Innovation
2003/11/14 Imidazolinone Tolerant Clearfield™ Wheat (AP205CL) BASF Canada
2003/07/15 Apple Cider and juice treated with UV light using CiderSure 3500 Moore Orchards
2003/06/27 Insect resistant cotton- Bollgard®event 15985 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2003/05/27 NuSun™ Mid-Oleic Sunflower Oil Archer Daniels Midland Company
2003/04/03 Clearfield™ Sunflower oil line X81359 BASF Canada
2003/03/21 Imidazolinone Tolerant Clearfield™ Wheat (AP602CL) BASF Canada
2003/03/03 Insect Resistant Corn (Cry3Bb1) Event MON 863 Monsanto Canada Inc.
2003/01/23 SUN-TGA40s as a source of arachidonic acid in infant formulas Suntory Limited
2003/01/10 Virus resistant papaya Line 55 Papaya Administrative Committee
2003/01/10 Imidazolinone Tolerant (Clearfield) PWC16 Rice BASF Canada
2002/10/11 Cry1F insect resistant, glufosinate tolerant corn line 1507 Dow AgroSciences
2002/10/07 DHASCO®and ARASCO®oils as sources of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA) in human milk substitutes Martek Biosciences Corporation
2002/02/11 Imidazolinone tolerant rice lines CL121, CL141, and CFX51 (Clearfield™ rice) BASF Canada Inc.
2001/10/29 Canola quality Brassica juncea lines PC97-03, PC98-44, and PC98-045 Canola Council of Canada
2001/02/19 Glyphosate tolerant corn line 603 Monsanto Canada
2000/11/20 Glufosinate ammonium tolerant sugarbeet event T120-7 Aventis CropScience Canada
2000/11/20 Glufosinate ammonium tolerant soybean lines A5547-127 and A2704-12 Aventis CropScience Canada
2000/10/17 Low linolenic soybean line OT96-15 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
2000/10/02 Insect resistant tomato (Bt tomato line 5345) Monsanto Canada Inc.
2000/10/02 High oleic soybean lines G94-1, G94-19, and G168 DuPont Canada Inc.
1999/11/12 Imidazolinone tolerant (IT) wheat (SWP 965001) Cyanamid Crop Protection
1999/05/13 Glyphosate tolerant corn (GA21) Monsanto Canada Inc.
1999/05/07 Insect and virus resistant potato (NewLeaf Plus) Monsanto Canada Inc.
1999/05/07 Insect and virus resistant potato (NewLeaf Y) Monsanto Canada Inc.
1998/12/14 Genetically Improved Insect Resistant and Bromoxynil Tolerant (BXN plus BT) Cotton Monsanto Canada Inc.
1998/06/08 Imidazolinone Tolerant Corn (Mutation of AHAS Enzyme) Pioneer Hi-Bred International
1998/04/16 Virus resistant squash ZW20 Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc.
1998/04/16 Virus resistant squash CZW3 Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc.
1998/02/16 Sulfonylurea tolerant flax - CDC Triffid Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan
1997/09/12 Glyphosate tolerant canola (GT200) Monsanto Canada
1997/09/12 Insect resistant and glyphosate tolerant corn (MON 802) Monsanto Canada
1997/09/12 Glyphosate tolerant corn (MON 832) Monsanto Canada
1997/07/08 Hybridization system in corn based on male sterility (MS3) Plant Genetic Systems (Canada)
1997/07/08 Bromoxynil tolerant canola (Westar-Oxy-235) Rhône-Poulenc Agriculture
1997/07/08 Imazethapyr tolerant corn (exp1910IT) Zeneca Seeds
1997/04/03 Glufosinate ammonium tolerant corn Transformation events T14 and T25 AgrEvo Canada
1997/04/03 Insect resistant and glufosinate tolerant corn (DBT 418) DEKALB Genetics Corporation
1997/03/12 New hybridization system (male sterility) in oilseed rape (canola) - MS8 Plant Genetic Systems (Canada)
1997/02/17 Glufosinate ammonium tolerant canola Transformation event T45 AgrEvo Canada
1997/02/17 Insect resistant corn (MON 810) Monsanto Canada
1997/02/14 Sethoxydim tolerant corn (DK412SR and DK404SR) BASF Canada
1996/12/19 Insect resistant corn (MON 809) Pioneer Hi-Bred International
1996/12/19 Glyphosate tolerant cotton (line 1445) Monsanto Canada
1996/12/19 Glufosinate tolerant corn (DLL25) DEKALB Gentics Corporation
1996/11/08 Colorado Potato Beetle resistant potato (Atlantic and Superior varieties) lines ATBT04-6, ATBT04-27, ATBT04-30, ATBT04-31, ATBT04-36, SPBT02-5, SPBT02-7 Monsanto Canada
1996/11/08 Insect-resistant cotton (line 757) Monsanto Canada
1996/08/16 Cotton resistant to bromoxynil (BXN) Calgene
1996/08/15 Insect-resistant corn (BT 11) Northrup King Co.
1996/08/15 High oleic acid/Low linolenic acid canola (lines 45A37, 46A 40) Pioneer Hi-Bred International
1996/06/28 Processing tomatoes exhibiting reduced pectin degradation (hybrids 1401F, H282F, 11013F, 7913F) Zeneca Plant Science
1996/04/09 Glyphosate tolerant soybeans (GTS 40-3-2) Monsanto Canada
1996/04/09 Insect-resistant cotton (line 531) Monsanto Canada
1996/04/09 Canola with significant quantities of laurate and myristate (lines 23-198, 23-18-17) Calgene
1995/12/19 Insect-resistant corn (line 176) CIBA Seeds
1995/11/02 Delayed ripening tomato (line 1345-4) DNA Plant Technology
1995/09/21 Colorado Potato Beetle resistant potato (lines BT06, BT10, BT12, BT16, BT17, BT18, BT23) Monsanto Canada
1995/08/17 Fertility restorer line in a new hybridization system in oilseed rape (canola) RF2 Plant Genetic Systems
1995/04/25 Imidazolinone resistant canola (lines NS738, NS1471, NS1473) Pioneer Hi-Bred International
1995/02/17 FLAVR SAVR™ tomato (delayed ripening) Calgene
1995/02/16 Glufosinate ammonium tolerant canola (HCN92) AgrEvo Canada
1994/11/21 Glyphosate tolerant canola (GT73) Monsanto Canada
1994/09/08 New hybridization system (male sterility) in oilseed rape (canola) RF1 Plant Genetic Systems
1994/05/30 Imidazolinone resistant maize (3417R) Pioneer Hi-Bred International

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