Canadian Nutrient File (CNF), 2015

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The Canadian Nutrient File database is comprised of 5 principal relational data files and 7 support files. These files must be linked and viewed utilizing your own preferred database management software which will allow you to form queries and generate custom reports.

For the 2015 version we are offering update files which track records that have been changed or added since the release of the 2010 version of the CNF. These update files are available for the added, changed, or deleted foods, nutrient values, and conversion factors.

We are also offering a full version of the database in Microsoft Access that includes the relationships between the files and a few queries.

User's Guide

The User's Guide gives information about the content of the CNF, the source and types of nutrients and major changes made to the data base since the last edition. The guide is useful for both the CNF on the Web and the downloadable files.

Database Structure

The database structure document gives detailed information on the CNF database and the structure of the actual database (relationship between the files, etc). This document is useful if you download the files only.

The update files will have an identical file structure to those in the main database, and can be linked to the main files using the same common field names.

Download the database:

Entire database:

Update files listing the changes, additions and deletions to the CNF 2015 version

Copyright Guidelines

Refer to Crown Copyright for more information.

Please e-mail the Canadian Nutrient File team with subject heading "new release" if you would like to be notified when new release information becomes available.

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