Transition to the supplemented foods regulatory framework

Prior to the publication of the new Supplemented foods regulations in Canada Gazette, Part II (CGII), supplemented foods could access the market if the manufacturers or distributors received a temporary marketing authorization letter (TMAL).

Once the Supplemented foods regulations come into force, a transition period ending on December 31, 2025 will be provided for some supplemented foods to become compliant with the new regulations. This date coincides with the first compliance date under the food labelling coordination policy, which was jointly established by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Products eligible for the transition include supplemented foods that had a valid TMAL at the time of coming into force, as well as products that applied for a TMAL before the coming into force of the regulations and subsequently received a Health Canada notification.

Any new supplemented food, other than those previously mentioned as eligible for the transition period, coming onto the market after the coming into force of the regulations, will be required to immediately comply with the new regulations.

The following 2 documents relate specifically to products eligible for the transition period:

Additional information on the conditions of the transition period is provided in the Guidance document for Supplemented foods regulations.

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