List of permitted supplemented food categories


The List of permitted supplemented food categories is incorporated by reference in the Food and Drug Regulations.

This document lists the specific food categories that are permitted to be supplemented foods. Any other food category that is not outlined in this list is not considered a supplemented food.

Additional information on the description of food categories and the process to amend the List to add a new food category is provided in the Guidance document for Supplemented foods regulations.

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List of permitted supplemented food categories

List of permitted supplemented food categories
Item No. Column 1
Food Category
(1) Carbonated or non-carbonated water-based beveragesFootnote 1
(2) Fruit drinks (from fruit concentrate), vegetable drinks (from vegetable concentrate), fruit and vegetable drinks (from fruit and vegetable concentrates), fruit nectars, fruit based smoothies, vegetable based smoothies, or fruit and vegetable based smoothiesFootnote 2
(3) JuicesFootnote 2
(4) Single-serving prepackaged tea, coffee or herbal infusions
(5) Bars
(6) Hard, soft, or semi-soft candiesFootnote 3
(7) Chocolate confectioneriesFootnote 3
(8) Chewing gumsFootnote 3
(9) Ice pops
Footnote 1

Includes concentrates and mixes to be reconstituted

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Footnote 2

Excludes foods that contain added vitamins, mineral nutrients or amino acids in accordance with Section D.03.002 of the FDR

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Footnote 3

Excludes one bite confections that are sold individually

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