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In December 1999, the Senate asked the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, also known as the Kirby Committee, to examine and report on the state of the Canadian health care system and on the federal government's role in that system.

The Committee's responsibilities included examining: fundamental principles; historical development of our health care system; foreign health care systems; the pressures on and constraints of our health care system; and the role of the federal government in the health care system.

Senator Michael Kirby chaired the Committee, which also included deputy chair Marjory LeBreton and nine additional official members. The Committee heard from over 400 witnesses and conducted 76 meetings, most of which were public. The Committee, issued its final recommendations in October 2002.


Six reports were published from this study. The final recommendations of the Committee were presented in The Health of Canadians - The Federal Role, Volume Six: Recommendations for Reform, which was issued in October 2002.

Eight reports are still to come on specific issues, including: Aboriginal health; women's health; mental health; rural health; and access to French-Language health services.

Where to get the reports

You can read the Standing Senate Committee's reports. Print copies are available at some public libraries, depository libraries throughout Canada, and some university libraries.

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