Federal Public Drug Benefit Programs

(including drug benefit programs delivered by Canadian federal departments)

The Government of Canada, through various programs, provides prescription drug coverage for about one million Canadians who are members of eligible groups. These groups include First Nations and Inuit, eligible members of the Canadian Armed Forces, qualified veterans by Veterans Affairs Canada, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and offenders in federal correctional institutions. For more detailed information, please contact the appropriate department or agency.

Federal Drug Benefits Committee

The Federal Drug Benefits Committee (FDBC) is a forum for collaboration among participating Canadian Federal drug plans on issues related to program management and delivery of drug benefits and related pharmacy services.

Members of the FDBC are employees of participating Canadian federal drug plans, appointed individually by each department. The FDBC meets in person on a semi-annual basis, with additional in-person or teleconference meetings as required.

Participating Federal Drug Plans

Contact the committee sac.camfssna-nihbfdbc.isc@canada.ca

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