Reporting loss or theft of controlled substances or precursors

This information applies to all regulated parties and exemptees working with controlled substances and precursors. It falls under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) and its associated regulations.

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Guidance on reporting a loss or theft

If you're a regulated party, you must report any loss or theft of controlled substances or precursors to Health Canada. This includes:

  • licensed or registered dealers
  • pharmacists
  • practitioners
  • hospitals
  • any other regulated party

Exemptees under section 56 of the CDSA must report any losses or thefts as per the terms and conditions of their exemptions.

For detailed help with reporting a loss or theft, please consult the guidance document below. It provides information about:

  • when to report
  • the type of incidents to report
  • the details to include in your report

Guidance document (CS-GD-005)

Health Canada E-Services Portal

The Health Canada E-Services Portal provides an easy and streamlined way to report any loss or theft of controlled substances, precursors, or any products containing them.

Health Canada E-Services Portal for Controlled Substances Services

Features of the portal

The portal lets you:

  • submit, access, view and amend your reports of loss or theft
  • submit and manage your reports for multiple sites
  • use searchable databases of controlled substances, precursors, and products containing them
  • receive automatic confirmation when you submit a report
  • download your reports
Who can access the portal

Any user can draft a report in the portal, but only an official individual can submit a report. An official individual is the person who's responsible for reporting the loss or theft. The official individual could be a pharmacist, practitioner or any other qualified person in charge (QPIC). For more information on official individuals, consult the guidance document.

How to access the portal

Log in using either:

  • Trusted Partner or
  • My GCKey


Login Credential (GCKey or Trusted Partner) and Portal Profile are two separate accounts that are linked automatically during the registration process in order to access the portal.

If this is your first time logging in to your GCKey or Trusted Partner account, you'll be redirected to a new page to confirm that a portal profile is linked to your account.

All regulated parties can select the self-registration option to create a new portal profile.

To link an existing portal profile to a different account, use the Recovery option.


Remember all answers to recovery questions for both your Portal profile and login credential (GCKey or Trusted Partner).

After signing into the GCKey or Trusted Partner account linked to your portal profile, you'll be redirected to the Controlled Substances Services. You can now use the portal for loss and theft reporting.

About the portal

Your personal portal account

  • Your portal account is personal. You should be the only one who uses it.
  • Other users can't view your submissions in the portal. However, you can download your reports as PDFs and share them with others if you wish.
  • You can access all your reports from your portal account, where you can view, amend or save them as PDFs.
  • If you work at more than one site, you will use the same portal account for all of them. You can add sites under Step 2 - Site information. Once you add a site and save it to your profile, it will be available the next time you report.

Drafting and submitting reports

Any team member can register for the portal and draft a report, but only the official individual can submit a report. The official individual has final authority and must declare that all of the information is correct before submitting the report. Health Canada sends an automatic email confirmation when it receives a report.

You can't attach documents to your report. Submit only what is required by the portal's reporting process. You can submit an amendment later if you want to add more information.

Amending a report

You can amend a report (for example, if you find a product that you had reported as lost) but only after Health Canada has reviewed the initial report. There is no set timeline for Health Canada to process the initial report, as it depends on factors specific to each case. A processed report will have a status of either "Accepted" or "Not Accepted".

To amend a report:

  • go to your portal home page
  • look in the section 'submitted reports'
  • click on the report ID that you want to amend

Use the text box to include:

  • the specific substances you're amending
  • the initial information and the new or amended changes to that information
  • a detailed explanation of why you're making this change

Do not include any personal, protected or confidential information, such as patient names or social insurance numbers (SIN).

Loss or theft report form

If you prefer, you can still report your losses and thefts using the fillable PDF form. Read the form carefully and use the dropdown menus to ensure that the form is complete before submitting it.

Loss or Theft Report Form

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