Guidance On Application For Licence To Grow Industrial Hemp For Research Purposes

This document is designed to assist the applicant in providing the information necessary for an expedited review of the licence application. All attached information must reference the Section of the form to which it applies.

  1. Applicant (Must be completed)
  2. Owner of the field, lot or farm proposed for hemp cultivation

    Full details must be provided if the owner of the field proposed for hemp cultivation is not the same as the applicant. If there is more than one owner, information must be provided for each owner.

  3. Researcher (Must be completed for each researcher)
    • 3.1 to 3.8 If there is more than one researcher attached to the project submitted, information has to be provided for each researcher.
    • 3.6 to 3.7 A B.Sc. degree is the minimum academic qualification required. A copy of the degree may be provided. In the absence of a B.Sc. degree, equivalent knowledge gained through training and experience may be accepted after evaluation. Description of the appropriate training and experience must be provided as an attachment, cross-referencing 3.6 and 3.7
  4. Location (Must be completed)
    • 4.1 Please indicate the exact legal description of the field/area proposed for hemp cultivation.
    • 4.2 Include farm buildings and surrounding fields belonging to other persons (if applicable). A map or scale drawing may be provided.
    • 4.3 The security description applies mainly to the facility for the storage of the plant material. Please indicate its location on the map or drawing provided.
  5. THC (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol) testing

    Must be completed and signed appropriately by all applicants involved in the cultivation of hemp. Please indicate the name and address of the laboratory where the testing for THC content will be performed. This testing must be done in order to verify the actual level of delta-9 THC in the hemp grown. If the testing laboratory does not have a licence to handle the narcotic material, they will need to apply for a narcotic licence. The laboratory should also be provided with a copy of Guidance on Sampling and Analysis of delta-9 THC in Hemp.

  6. Research project
    • 6.1 to 6.2 Indicate here, or in an attached document, the objectives of the project (6.1) and the proposed methodology to reach the objectives (6.2). The methodology must be described in sufficient detail to facilitate the evaluation of the scientific aspects of the research project. Information on timeframes should be included.
    • 6.3 If there is more than one area to be seeded, the seeded area must be indicated in the submitted project, for each proposed location for hemp cultivation. A map or a scale drawing may be used.
  7. Hemp seed / Hemp varieties (Must be completed)

    Must be completed by persons planning to use viable seeds or importing viable seeds. In order to import viable seeds, an Industrial Hemp Import Permit must be obtained from Health Canada prior to acquiring an import permit, from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

    Note: Only the varieties of seeds known to produce plants with low levels of delta-9 THC will be approved for use.

  8. Record keeping (Must be completed)
    1. Records must include information on the receipt of seeds, sowing, sampling, testing, harvesting, storing and distribution. Maintaining proof of the chain of custody is particularly important for samples sent for testing and material for destruction. Each entry must indicate the quantity of the plant material handled, the date of the event and the initials of the person maintaining the records. This person may be the applicant, the researcher, the land owner or a person delegated by the applicant to maintain the records. These records are in addition to the ones which are necessary for the conduct of the project itself.
    2. Records must include information on all operations with respect to conducting the project, such as sowing, harvesting, sampling and testing.
  9. End use of harvested material

    Please indicate the individuals or companies that will conduct tests on the production of goods from hemp material. For each company, please indicate the name of a contact person. Indicate which part of the plant and the expected quantity of plant material will be required in the transformation research. This information needs to be provided for each type of proposed transformation. The individual or company involved in the transformation will require a licence.

  10. Destruction of plants and/or plant parts
    • 10.1 to 10.2 An authorization to dispose of the [surplus] plant material [that will not be used in the project] must be obtained from a Health Canada Regional Office, before the disposition is carried out. Information regarding the quantity, the nature of the material and the method of disposition must be provided. Any disposition must be witnessed and the date and quantity must be confirmed. The disposition must be done in accordance with environmental regulations.
  11. Police services

    Must be completed and signed appropriately .

    The letters from the Police Service(s) may be submitted directly by the Police Service.

  12. Report preparation (Must be completed)
  13. Other information

    Any information that will assist the reviewers of the application will be given full consideration. Please keep the text brief.

The application must be signed appropriately for it to be considered.

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