Health Canada and Canadian Vaping Association meeting: Vaping products – March 4, 2019

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Vaping Products


March 4, 2019


Health Canada (HC)

Canadian Vaping Association (CVA)


A meeting was held at the request of the CVA to discuss various topics related to the regulation of vaping products.

The Chair opened the meeting by doing round table introductions. The Chair reminded participants that this meeting is subject to disclosure as per HC’s Openness and Transparency policies. In the interest of transparency, the department stated that it would be making a record of the meeting publicly available. The handling of information and privacy notice was mentioned and acknowledged.


1. Opening statements
The CVA provided an overview of their memo and agenda. The CVA also acknowledged that they will be submitting to HC a response to the Notice of Intent – Potential Measures to Reduce the Impact of Vaping Products Advertising on Youth and Non-users of Tobacco Products.

2. Update on CVA activities
Youth vaping:


3. CVA initiatives

Age verification:

4. Secret shopper program
The CVA stated that it is important to educate stores before launching a secret shopper program. The CVA indicated that it was working on creating an ID guide that would be offered to vape shops and convenience stores. This would consist of a training program for new staff regarding ID verification. HC asked what the CVA would do with observed non-compliance under the secret shopper program (i.e. selling to minors). The CVA responded that they would report both members and non-members to HC via a formalized process.

5. North American initiatives

Cross-border initiatives:


The meeting was then concluded.


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