Health Canada and the Vaping Industry Trade Association meeting: Introductory meeting – September 12, 2019

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Introduction to the Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA)


September 12, 2019


Health Canada (HC):

Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA) :


A meeting was held at the request of VITA to introduce the new association.


Overview of VITA

VITA Mission/Mandate

Mr. David provided an overview of VITA’s mandate. VITA is a not-for-profit organization that represents the interests of the vaping industry in Canada. Some key issues of interest to VITA include rates of vaping among youth and non-smokers, as well as compliance and enforcement of vaping-related legislation. VITA is interested in working with Health Canada on these issues.

Structure of VITA

Mr. David provided an overview of VITA’s organizational structure. VITA has a Board of Directors that includes representatives from three of the largest vape companies in Canada as well as three large tobacco companies that have vaping products on the market. These six founders have vote shares, with the three tobacco company representatives being limited to a combined total of 20% of vote share. There may never be more than three tobacco representatives on the Board. In addition, the Board has six elected regional representatives.

Most of VITA’s work is done at committees, where anyone can participate.

Next Steps

Mr. David indicated an interest in setting up a subsequent meeting with Health Canada to discuss policy issues. Health Canada indicated that given the writ period, it would be helpful for VITA to reach out in November with a proposed agenda for a subsequent meeting.


The meeting was then concluded.


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