Tobacco Use Statistics

Regular measurements of the prevalence of tobacco use by the Canadian population are obtained by the Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUMS), for those aged 15 years and older, and the Youth Smoking Survey (YSS), for school-aged children in grades 6-12. All pertinent information for CTUMS and YSS can be found in this section.

Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUMS)

The Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUMS) was developed to provide Health Canada and its partners with timely, reliable, and continual data on tobacco use and related issues. The survey's primary objective is to track changes in smoking status and amount smoked, especially for 15-24-year-olds, who are most at risk for taking up smoking.

CTUMS Archives

Youth Smoking Survey

The Youth Smoking Survey (YSS) provides timely and accurate monitoring of the tobacco use in school aged children (grades 6-12). YSS contributes an essential input to the development of sound and effective tobacco control policies and programs.

Latest YSS Results (2012-2013)

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