Radon action guide for municipalities: Subsidies, incentives and energy efficiency

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Subsidies and incentives


Distribution of free or subsidized test kits

Free air quality inspections

Tax credits for mitigation

Loan programs

Manitoba Hydro’s Energy Finance Plan provides an on-bill financing loan for upgrades to gas and electrical systems and includes radon mitigation. Municipalities can consider on bill financing options for property taxes and utility bills.

Direct subsidies

The Habitation Durable program in Quebec offers financial subsidies to home renovations, including radon, and applies in:

After participating in Take Action on Radon’s 100 Test Kit Challenge, the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion began selling radon detectors for just $5, including analysis and shipping. It will reimburse 50% of the cost of installing a radon mitigation system to a maximum of $500 per residence.

Energy efficiency

The following guides, standards and programs include radon.

Energy efficiency guides

Home renovation subsidies and incentives

The Saskatchewan Provincial Government's Home Renovation Tax Credit allows homeowners to claim a 10.5% tax credit on up to $20,000 of eligible home renovation expenses. The eligible expenses include the cost of labour, professional services, and the building materials required for radon reduction measures.

Financing for energy efficiency and home repairs

Yukon Housing Corporation Home Repair Loan program with reduced interest up to $50,000 at interest rates of prime + 1% amortized over 15 years.

Manitoba Hydro Energy Finance Plan is an ‘on bill’ financing program for upgrades to energy systems in homes. It includes financing for radon mitigation.

Green certification standards

The following standards include provisions for radon:

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