Radon action guide for municipalities: Outreach, testing and government operations

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Education and awareness

A key component of addressing radon is ensuring that people know that it's a health risk and have the tools to act to remedy it. Many government agencies in Canada and around the world have radon education programs, information portals and outreach resources, including municipalities.

Web pages

Canada (federal)

Canada (provincial and territorial)

Canada (municipal and regional)


Local government resolutions on radon

Educational programs can be strengthened by broad resolutions, such as legislation and declarations recognizing November as Radon Action Month in Canada.

Canadian guidance and protocols on testing and mitigation

Guides for the general public on radon testing and mitigation

Technical guidance and studies on testing and mitigation

Testing, databases and mapping

Testing as awareness

Community testing initiatives

These initiatives aim to assess radon prevalence in a community through sample testing of homes and other buildings (ranging from approximately 400 to 1100 tests depending on community characteristics). They also improve awareness.

Citizen science projects

Database and mapping initiatives

Public maps in Canada

International examples

Other maps, data sets and working groups

Library lending programs


British Columbia

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island

Health Canada has a Radon Library Lending Program Guide available on request.

Email: radon@hc-sc.gc.ca

Government operations and social housing

Testing of government occupied buildings

The federal government has completed a report on Radon Testing in Federal Buildings.

Examples of radon testing of government buildings at the provincial level:

CARcinogen EXposure (CAREX) Canada's, 2017 Radon in schools: A summary of testing efforts across Canada documents radon testing across Canada. All public schools have been tested in:

Some schools have been tested in:

Testing and mitigation in social housing

Kingston, Ontario

In Kingston, Ontario, the local health authority (KFL&A Public Health) approached the City of Kingston and housing providers concerning testing social housing units, as part of broader radon testing initiatives. KFL&A Public Health organized the testing of the units, including hiring staff to place and pick up the detectors, and the City offered to pay the cost of radon mitigation.

KFL&A staff used a sampling strategy focusing on ground floor and basement units. They sampled 1135 units leading to 923 detectors being analyzed (212 detectors were lost to follow-up). Of the 923 detectors analyzed, 27 were above HC's limit of 200 Bq/m3. As of publication, 18 of 27 have been mitigated.

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