Radiation and your health

Information on radiation, its uses, health effects and safety standards.

Services and information

Understanding radiation

About radiation, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, health effects of radiation, exposure to radiation, radiation measurement.


About radon, health effects of radon, reducing radon levels in your home, testing for radon in your home.

Radiation emitting devices

Information on radiation emitting devices, legislation and safety codes.

Occupational radiation exposure

About occupational exposure to radiation, radiation safety codes, radiation guidelines.

National Dosimetry Services (NDS)

Access services to monitor your workplace radiation exposure.

National Dose Registry (NDR)

About National Dose Registry, request dose history summary, annual reports on occupational radiation exposure.

Radiological and nuclear emergencies

About radiological and nuclear emergencies, previous nuclear incidents and accidents, how Canada prepares for nuclear emergencies.

Types and sources of radiation

Information on types of radiation surrounding us: EMFs, UV, radiofrequency fields, X-rays, air travel, environmental, etc.

Everyday things that emit radiation

We use and are surrounded by products and devices that give off radiation. How to use them and protect your health.

Medical radiation

Ultrasound, medical X-rays, mammography, medical isotopes.

Food irradiation

About food irradiation, why irradiate food, what irradiated food is sold in Canada.

National Calibration Reference Centre for Bioassay and In Vivo Monitoring

About the centre, programs and services, research and contact information.

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