You protect them every day. So do vaccines.

Healthy home

Common household chemicals and pollutants, health effects, minimizing exposure and keeping safe.

Chemical safety

Look up chemicals and pollutants

Search the list of common chemicals and pollutants you may find in and around your home.

Household chemical safety

Learn how to buy, use, store and dispose of chemical products in your home, and how to understand hazard symbols.

Exposure and health effects of chemicals

Learn how you can be exposed to chemicals and pollutants, the potential health risks, and what we are doing about chemicals in Canada.

Using chemicals safely for activities in and around your home

DIY projects and renovations

Learn how to help stay safe while doing DIY projects and renovations.

Use arts and crafts materials safely

Learn how to help stay safe while using arts and crafts materials.

Chemical safety and air quality in your vehicle

Learn how to help stay safe from chemicals and pollutants in your vehicle.

Use pesticides safely

Learn how to help reduce your risk when using pesticides.


Awareness resources

Printable information and videos.

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