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Almost 9 million Canadians -- about 30% of Canada 's population -- live in rural and remote areas of the country which occupies 9.5 million square kilometres, or around 95% of Canada's territory. In rural Canada, as in urban Canada, good health is a major resource for social, economic, community and personal development.

For a list of resources about your health and the surrounding environment, food safety and consumer product safety, consult the Consumer Information page.

Access to Health Care
  • Telehealth involves using information and communications technologies to deliver health information, services and expertise over short and long distances. Telehealth is one of four key priorities of the Advisory Council on Health Infostructure (ACHI) and a focus of the Office of Health and the Information Highway (OHIH).
  • The National First Nations Telehealth Project
Healthy Eating
Home and Community Care
Farm Safety
  • The objective of the Canadian Agriculture Safety Program (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) is to lower the incidence of agriculture-related deaths and injuries with the implementation of preventative programs targeted at reducing the risk of injury or fatality.


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