Smoking in Canada: What we know

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We conduct research about smoking in Canada to:


Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey (CTNS)

This survey was previously known as the Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs survey (CTADS). In 2019, CTADS split into CTNS and the Canadian Alcohol and Drugs Survey.

CTNS is a survey of Canadians 15 years and older. It asks about their use of:

The survey was first conducted in 2019 and has been conducted on an annual basis since then. In 2022, it showed that:

Read the Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey (CTNS)

Statistics Canada provides a CTNS Public Use Microdata File and a CTADS Public Use Microdata File.

Canadian Community Health Survey

This is an annual survey of Canadians aged 12 and over. It collects information related to health status, health care utilization and health determinants for the Canadian population.

The latest smoking data from 2022 showed that:

Read the Canadian Community Health Survey

Statistics Canada provides a Public Use Microdata File.

Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey

This is a survey of Canadian students between grades 7 and 12 (secondary I to secondary V in Quebec). It asks about their use of:

This survey is conducted every two years. The most recent prevalence rates are from the 2021-22 survey. It showed that:

Read the Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey

Retailer behaviour surveys

Health Canada conducts surveys to determine the willingness of retailers to sell cigarettes to youth and to gain a better understanding of product placement, accessibility and promotion at retail outlets in Canada.

For additional information on the Retailer behaviour surveys, please contact the Tobacco Control Directorate.

Public opinion research

We use public opinion research data to:

Available public opinion research reports cover many topics, such as the effectiveness of health warnings for tobacco products labelling, opinions and perceptions of those who do and do not use tobacco and nicotine, and the testing of new messages for communications campaigns. A full list of public opinion research on tobacco can be accessed by visiting the Library and Archives Canada website.

Industry reported tobacco sales data

Health Canada receives industry-reported wholesale sales data for tobacco products under the Tobacco Reporting Regulations, Section 13 (Sales). This data has been reported to Health Canada under regulations since 2000. It shows how tobacco control efforts at all levels of government in Canada have significantly reduced tobacco sales and consumption. You can explore this rich dataset here: National and provincial/territorial tobacco sales data

Scientific research studies

Health Canada conducts scientific studies and evaluates available information and evidence on tobacco products to:

Scientific studies

Scientific research studies are based on chemical analyses of tobacco products and their emissions. These studies are carried out in accredited testing facilities. We collect information on constituents of tobacco products and their emissions, which may include harmful chemicals.

Scientific evaluation

Health Canada gathers, analyzes and reviews available literature and evidence on the health impacts of smoking and tobacco use. This information is used to support program activities such as the development of health warning messages on tobacco products. Health Canada is also interested in learning more about effective smoking cessation approaches and helping people quit.

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