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This page has resources and information for people who need help with substance use, including overdose prevention resources and quit smoking services. It does not include direct links to private clinics or for-profit organizations.

If you are in an emergency situation, call 9-1-1 or go to your local emergency department.

For more information on using substances for the treatment of chronic pain, see resources for Canadians living with pain.

Canada-wide services

If you or someone you know needs help with substance use, including overdose prevention and tobacco cessation, these services are available to anyone, anywhere at any time.

Help services
Resource Information Contact
Kids Help Phone
  • Professional counselling, information and referrals support to young people
  • 24/7
  • Virtual services in English and French


Text 686868

Drug Rehab Services
  • Free, confidential professional help and resource for drug and alcohol addiction in Canada
  • Referrals for clients seeking support with substances
CAPSA Peer Support
  • Free peer-facilitated group meetings (includes virtual meetings)
  • Evidence-based practices and tools designed to help those who are questioning their relationship with substances
  • Families, allies, and professionals are all welcome to attend meetings
Find a meeting
Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Free meetings and support for people who come together to solve their drinking problem
Find A.A. near you
Narcotics Anonymous
  • Free meetings (includes virtual) and support for anyone who wants to stop using drugs may become a member
  • This is a program of complete abstinence from all drugs


Find a meeting

SMART Recovery
  • Free support meetings (in-person and virtual) open to anyone seeking science-based, self-empowered addiction recovery
Find a meeting
Moms Stop the HarmHolding Hope Support Groups
  • Free peer-led support groups for families with loved ones living with addiction (substance use disorder)
Find a group
Families for Addiction Recovery
  • Free peer support services for families, parents, caregivers of children struggling with addiction (regardless of age)

1-855-377-6677 (Details)
Weekdays 1-3pm EST

Parent-to-Parent Support

Online Parent Support Groups

Provincial and territorial quit smoking services
  • Access free, convenient support within each province and territory
  • Telephone, online or text services in English and French based on the location
  • Trained specialists can provide counselling, help develop a quit smoking plan, answer questions and provide referrals to programs and services in your community


Harm reduction and overdose prevention services
Resource Information Contact
National Overdose Response Service (NORS)
  • Overdose prevention hotline for Canadians
  • Confidential, non-judgmental support for you, whenever and wherever you use drugs
Overdose Intervention App
  • Rapid response to an overdose emergency with resources and guidance that is suitable to a person's needs
  • 9-1-1 calling feature, techniques to identify a suspected overdose, steps to administer naloxone, and sequential guidance on emergency first aid response
Get the app
Supervised consumption sites and services
  • Safe, clean space for people to bring their own drugs to use, in the presence of trained staff to prevent accidental overdoses
  • Some offer a range of harm reduction services, such as drug checking
  • Provide access to important health and social services
Find a site or service
Opioid overdose and naloxone awareness training
Resource Information Contact
St. John's Ambulance – Opioid Response Training
  • Free opioid and nasal naloxone training, as well as nasal naloxone kits, to individuals and communities that are struggling to manage opioid poisonings
Register for free training
Canadian Red Cross - First Aid for Opioid Poisoning Emergencies
  • Free, self-directed online course to become knowledgeable and confident in how to respond to an opioid poisoning emergency, including how to administer nasal naloxone
  • Learn more about opioids and naloxone and how they affect the body and explore ways to reduce the influence of stigma
  • Upon completion of the course, you will be eligible to receive a free nasal naloxone kit (shipped anywhere in Canada, excluding Quebec)
Register for free course
The Advanced Coronary Treatment (ACT) Foundation - Opioid Overdose Response Training module
  • Offers free Opioid Overdose Response Training for high schools across Canada
  • Training teaches students about opioids, Naloxone, how to recognize and respond to a suspected opioid overdose, and how to administer nasal Naloxone spray

Online contact form



Provincial and territorial health and support services

British Columbia
Health and support services in British Columbia
Resource Information Contact
The Alcohol & Drug Information Referral Service
  • Drug and alcohol treatment, detox, self-help and counselling options
  • 24 hour services
BC Children's Hospital – Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre
  • Mental health and substance use information, resources, and peer support to families across BC


Support for addictions, alcohol and other substances
  • Find recovery services, treatment support, and information for addictions challenges
HelpStartsHere by the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions
  • Navigate and connect with mental health and substance use information and supports
HealthLink BC
  • Speak to a health services navigator, who can help you to find health information and services, or connect you directly with a registered nurse
  • 24/7 health advice
  • Free virtual mental health and substance use supports for young people ages 12-24, available through the Foundry App, by phone or by exploring tools and resources online
Lifeguard App
  • Free app helps to save lives by automatically connecting people who use drugs to first responders if they become unresponsive
Get the app
Get naloxone
  • If you are eligible for the Take Home Naloxone program, you can receive a naloxone kit at no cost, and overdose prevention and response training, at any program site.
Find a site
Health and support services in Alberta
Resource Information Contact
Alberta Health Services Addiction Helpline
  • Confidential 24/7 service that provides support, information and referrals to Albertans experiencing addiction and mental health concerns
Alberta Health Services Addiction & Mental Health
  • Information, programs, services, resources and tools for Albertans related to substance use and mental health
Alberta Health Services Health Link
  • Free 24/7 nurse advice and general health information for Albertans
Alberta's virtual opioid dependency program
  • Connecting individuals with doctors, case workers and other supports via technology to provide ongoing care for Alberta residents with opioid addiction
  • Same day support and treatment
Digital Overdose Response System (DORS) App
  • This app allows Albertans using opioids or other substances to call for an emergency response to their location if they become unconscious.
  • Information on national and provincial addiction recovery supports and services
  • Currently available in Edmonton and Calgary
Get the app
Get naloxone
  • Over 2,000 sites in Alberta, where anyone can pick up a free kit free
  • Training is available wherever kits are provided
  • Kits can be obtained anonymously
Find a site
Health and support services in Saskatchewan
Resource Information Contact
  • Free mental health and addictions support 24/7 in a safe, caring and confidential manner
  • Registered nurses and social workers can offer crisis support, advice to help you manage your situation, and connections to resources in your community
Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Services, supports, and education materials to assist people who are struggling with mental health and addiction issues



Get naloxone
  • Saskatchewan residents at risk of an opioid overdose or who might witness an opioid overdose are eligible for free training and a free Take Home Naloxone kit
  • Naloxone is also available for purchase at pharmacies across Saskatchewan

Find a site

List of pharmacies that carry naloxone

Health and support services in Manitoba
Resource Information Contact
Manitoba Addictions Helpline
  • Supports for dealing with an alcohol or drug problem, including free and confidential helpline counsellor services

Call or text


Mental Health and Community Wellness - Substance Use & Addictions
  • Information on drugs and alcohol
  • Contact information for non-emergency and toll free addiction help lines
Klinic Community Health
  • Crisis phone lines and online support services
  • Free and confidential counselling, support and referrals for people who are in crisis or struggling to cope
Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre - Youth Addictions Centralized Intake Service
  • A provincial service that provides information to youth and their families regarding addiction services for youth in Manitoba
  • Help from an addictions counsellor in navigating the continuum of youth addiction services and identifying an appropriate program
Get naloxone - Take-Home Naloxone Distribution Program
  • Take-home naloxone kits are free for people who are at risk of opioid overdose or poisoning, their family and friends
  • Naloxone kits are also available for purchase at community pharmacies

Find a site
(Naloxone Finder – Take Home Program - List of Naloxone distribution sites)

Health and support services in Ontario
Resource Information Contact
  • Free 24/7 access to mental health and addictions services information


Text CONNEX to 247247



Mental health and addictions support
  • Free and confidential mental health and addiction services in your community
Health Connect Ontario - Health811 online
  • Free and confidential health advice and support 24/7 from registered nurses who can help you with any health matters, including addiction concerns or find health services or information
  • Help finding substance use health/addictions support, services, and care
  • Referrals to services with support for Eastern Ontario (Ottawa, Pembroke, Cornwall, Hawkesbury and surrounding areas)
Book an appointment
Breaking Free Online
  • Free and confidential wellness and recovery supports for alcohol and drugs
1- 833-325-1338
  • Free, confidential support services for post-secondary students


Text GOOD2TALKON to 686868

Facebook Messenger

Get harm reduction supplies
  • Single-use, sterile drug inhalation and injection supplies are available at participating community organizations
Find supplies
Get naloxone
  • Receive a naloxone kit and overdose prevention and response training at no cost at participating pharmacies or community organizations for people at risk of an opioid overdose, their family, friends and others
Find a site
Health and support services in Quebec
Resource Information Contact
Drugs: Help and Referrals
  • Free and confidential support 24/7
  • Resources, help and services for addiction and drug use

(Montreal area)

(Everywhere in Quebec)

Info-Social 811
  • Free and confidential 24/7 telephone consultation service with a nurse
Tel-jeunes (Website in French only)
  • Confidential space for young people aged 20 and under who are looking for information and someone to talk to


Text 514-600-1002 (8:00am - 10:30pm)

Chat (Monday – Friday 4:00pm - 10:30pm)


Get naloxone (Website in French only)
  • Free naloxone is available for people aged 14 and over in all pharmacies in Quebec and in certain community organizations

Find a site

(Website in French only)

New Brunswick
Health and support services in New Brunswick
Resource Information Contact
New Brunswick Addiction Centers
  • Addiction services with professionals and contact information
  • Services available are detoxification, outpatient counselling and opioids agonist treatment
Tele-Care 8-1-1
  • Free, confidential health advice and information line.
  • Access to bilingual, registered nurses, 24/7
Chimo Helpline
  • Crisis phone line open 24/7 to all residents of New Brunswick
  • Information, intervention and referrals to resources in the province


Chat (5pm-12am daily)

Bridge the gapp - mental health and addictions support
  • Free mental health and addictions services and information available by computer, tablet or phone for youth and adults
  • Individuals can sign up for online programs, use tools, and learn more about what is available in their region
Bridge the gapp
Get naloxone
  • Naloxone kits are available behind the counter at some pharmacies without a prescription and require interaction with a pharmacist in order to purchase
  • Free naloxone kits, injection supplies, and clean needles may be available from certain harm reduction centres

Check your local pharmacy

Harm reduction centers

Nova Scotia
Health and support services in Nova Scotia
Resource Information Contact
Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Line
  • An addictions crisis line is available for urgent support
  • Mental health and addictions professionals provide support, programs, and services
Mental Health and Addictions Intake
  • Help with a mental health or addiction concerns
(Monday – Friday
8:30am to 4:30pm;
Voicemail evenings, weekends and holidays)
Mental Health and Addictions Services
  • List of services and programs offered by Nova Scotia Health and community partners
IWK Health Centre - Mental Health and Addictions
  • Clinical care for children and youth with mental health and addictions issues



  • Free, confidential support services for post-secondary students


Text GOOD2TALKNS to 686868

Get naloxone
  • Visit a participating pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about getting a naloxone kit
  • No prescription or health card is needed
Find a site
Prince Edward Island
Health and support services in Prince Edward Island
Resource Information Contact
Mental Health and Addictions Phone Line
  • Mental health and addictions phone line where calls are answered by trained professionals (a registered nurse or a social worker) 24/7
Addiction Services
  • Programs available to those impacted by addiction
  • Support is available at each stage of recovery – withdrawal, rehabilitation, living recovery and individual counselling
Bridge the gapp - mental health and addictions support
  • Free mental health and addictions services and information available by computer, tablet or phone for youth and adults
  • Individuals can sign up for online programs, use tools, and learn more about what is available in their region
Bridge the gapp
Get naloxone
  • Free naloxone kits for people who are at high risk for opioid-related overdoses, their friends or family members
  • Anyone can purchase a naloxone kit without a prescription (cost is approximately $50) at most PEI pharmacies
Find a site
Newfoundland and Labrador
Health and support services in Newfoundland and Labrador
Resource Information Contact
811 HealthLine
  • Free, confidential telephone line staffed by experienced registered nurses 24/7
  • Registered nurses are available to listen, provide mental health and addictions support, crisis intervention, and connect individuals with services in their community or with online programs that can be used anytime, anywhere
Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Services Systems Navigator
  • For help finding the right service and making connections to services, individuals can call the mental health and addictions systems navigator
(Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm)
Lifewise Warmline - mental health peer support
  • Anonymous, confidential helpline staffed by trained peer supporters, who are also individuals with lived experience of mental illness and addiction
  • Non-emergency, non-crisis support is available daily for individuals 16 and older
(10am to 12:00am)
Bridge the gapp - mental health and addictions support
  • Free mental health and addictions services and information available by computer, tablet or phone for youth and adults
  • Individuals can sign up for online programs, use tools, and learn more about what is available in their region
  • Bridge the gapp provides a list of Doorways locations, a mental health and addictions drop-in counselling service providing rapid access:
    • No referral is required
    • No formal assessment, triaging, intake process or waitlist
    • Available in-person, over the telephone, or by video, with drop-in service, as well as same day or next day appointments

Bridge the gapp

Doorways locations

Breaking Free Online
  • Free and confidential wellness and recovery supports for alcohol and drugs

1- 833-325-1338

Available 24/7 through Bridge the Gapp

Opioid Dependence Treatment (ODT) phone line
  • Help for individuals seeking support for their opioid use and for their family members to navigate the system and connect with support and services
(Monday - Friday
Recovery Centre
  • An inpatient withdrawal management centre located in St. John's where individuals can self-refer
  • Addictions counsellors are available for assessment, crisis counselling and discharge planning purposes
  • Access to in-house education and group sessions, and onsite self-help meetings
  • Available to anyone 16 years and older, who is intoxicated or experiencing withdrawal from alcohol or drugs
Get naloxone
  • Naloxone kits are available to you if you are at risk of an opioid overdose or you might witness an overdose

Find a site

Call 8-1-1

Health and support services in Yukon
Resource Information Contact
Help with alcohol and drug addiction
  • Free help for people with problems with alcohol or drugs
  • Services include counseling, safe withdrawal support (detox) and intensive treatment programs
  • Support for families
Get naloxone
  • Free naloxone kits are available with a training session

Find a site


Northwest Territories
Health and support services in Northwest Territories
Resource Information Contact
Mental Wellness and Addictions Recovery
  • Free and confidential support 24/7 for wellness and addiction
Get naloxone
  • Naloxone kits are available without a prescription at pharmacies, and health centers or clinics
Find a site
Health and support services in Nunavut
Resource Information Contact
Kamatsiaqtut Nunavut Helpline
  • Support for those who are concerned or struggling with drugs, alcohol and other substance use
  • Anonymous and confidential 24/7telephone counselling for northerners in crisis



Healing by Talking Program
  • Free telephone counselling service for Inuit in Nunavut provided by the Government of Nunavut's Department of Health



Get naloxone
  • Check this map for your local health facilities
Find a site

Programs for Indigenous peoples

If you are a First Nation, Inuit or Métis person in need of help with substance use, you can access culturally sensitive resources:

Support for Indigenous peoples
Resource Information Contact

National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program and

National Youth Solvent Abuse Program

  • Help for First Nations and Inuit aimed at reducing high levels of alcohol, drug, and solvent use
  • Access to substance use treatments centres

List of treatment centres

For information on community-based prevention programs, contact your community nursing station, health centre, band council or local regional office.

Hope for Wellness Help Line
  • Immediate help, including counselling and crisis intervention, to all Indigenous people across Canada 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English, French, Cree, Ojibway, or Inuktitut


Connect to the online chat

Thunderbird Wellness Application
  • Thunderbird Wellness is a free app that provides access to an Indigenous perspective on health and wellness, where culture forms the foundation
  • Find information to help with substance use, addiction or mental health issues
Download the Thunderbird Wellness App for free from the Apple Store for IOS users or Google Play for Android users
Get naloxone
  • Take home naloxone kits are available through pharmacies. A prescription is not required. Ask the pharmacist. Some provinces offer free take-home naloxone kits.
  • Kits are available at public health units and social service organizations
  • St. John Ambulance offers free training and Take Home Naloxone Kits
  • Nasal naloxone is available for First Nations and Inuit clients covered by the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program

Check your local pharmacy for more information

Visit the Canadian Mental Health Association's Naloxone 101 Toolkit to find out how, why and when to use a naloxone kit and where to get one for free

Contact St. John Ambulance here

Visit your local pharmacy, health centre or nursing station for more information

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