Toy safety

Learn about toy safety, including safety for magnets, children's jewellery, soft vinyl toys and small toy parts.

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General toy safety tips

In Canada, all toys are regulated to make sure they are safe for use by children. Even so, unsafe toys can make their way onto store shelves and into homes. Being informed and aware of potential risks will help you protect your child's health and safety.

Play smart, play safe

Using unsafe toys -- or using safe toys in unsafe ways -- can pose any number of risks for children.

Small parts in toys

Small objects present choking, ingestion and inhalation hazards to young children.

Soft vinyl toys

In December 2010, the Government of Canada restricted the use of six chemicals (phthalates) in the soft vinyl of children's toys and child care articles such as bath toys, baby bibs and teethers.


Small, powerful magnets can be dangerous to children of all ages. Children can swallow these magnets and be seriously injured.

Lead and cadmium in children's jewellery

Learn about the health risks of lead and cadmium in children's jewelry. Find safety tips to protect your child from the negative effects of these metals.

Use arts and crafts materials safely

Just because you can buy arts and crafts materials in stores doesn't mean they are free from health and safety hazards.


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