The Canada Dental Benefit



Video with still various still pictures of children smiling. The Government of Canada wordmark is in the top right corner.

Text on screen: Canada Dental Benefit.

Voiceover: To help children access the dental care they need, the Government of Canada has introduced the new, temporary Canada Dental Benefit.

Picture of a young boy getting his teeth checked, and a smiling young girl with her two front teeth missing. Then, a picture of a young girl wearing a dental bib and smiling.

Eligible families with children under 12 who don’t have private dental insurance could receive up to $650 per child, per year for two years.

A picture of a smiling family with two young kids.

Text on screen: Eligible families with children under 12, up to $650 per child, per year for two years to help pay for dental care.

To be eligible: your family net income must be under 90,000 dollars,

your child must be under 12 years old on December 1, 2022, and you are receiving the Canada child benefit for them,

you’ve filed the previous year’s tax return,

your child does not have access to private dental insurance, and,

you have made a dental appointment for your child, or they have already had an appointment after October 1, 2022

The text on screen transcribes the eligibility requirements as spoken by the voice-over.

If you are covered under a provincial plan, but still have out of pocket expenses, you may still be eligible for the Benefit.

A picture of a mother and young daughter smiling replaces the text box.

Before applying, make sure your personal information with the Canada Revenue Agency, including your direct deposit details, is up to date.

The picture of the mother and young daughter is replaced by a screen shot of the Canada Revenue Agency, or CRA, Website showing the Direct Deposit information screen.

You can use your “CRA My Account” to apply for the Canada Dental Benefit, or you can apply by phone.

The screenshot of the CRA Website’s direct deposit information screen is replaced by the CRA website’s sign-in screen and scrolls down.

Applying online is quick, easy, and secure.

A picture of a smiling woman on a cellphone and a text box replaces the CRA website sign-in screen. Text on screen: apply by phone or online.

If you apply online and are signed up for CRA direct deposit, you can receive your payment within 5 business days.

And that’s something to smile about.

A picture of a father and young boy smiling and looking at a computer laptop screen. Then, a picture of a group of smiling young children.

To learn more about eligibility and how to apply for the Canada Dental Benefit, visit Or, call 1-800-715-8836

Text on screen:, 1-800-715-8836.

A message from the Government of Canada

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