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Are you bored with your school lunch every day? Of course you are!

Well then why aren't you doing something about it?


This is Zack Myers and this video is going to teach you how to take charge

and make the best, most amazing, most killer awesomest lunch ever in the history of everything.

A hand holding a re-useable lunch bag appears from the bottom of the screen.

A teen-aged boy stands up revealing him filming himself in a mirror with a camera placed on a chair in front of him.

Boy crumples up bag and drops it to the floor.

Boy folds his arms and looks proud - screen freezes.

TEXT ON SCREEN - Zack's best lunch ever

Zack picks up the camera and places it on his head with a headband attachment.

Start with some veggies and fruit!

Wash up some strawberries, peppers, cucumbers, blueberries, and carrots.

Screen changes to Zack's view of the kitchen sink.

He washes vegetables and fruit under running water.

Okay - for my "main" lunch: one chicken and red pepper wrap

Screen changes to Zack's view of a cutting board with half a slice of whole wheat tortilla,

some chicken slices and red pepper slices.

Zack places some chicken and sliced red pepper on the tortilla half, rolls it up to form a wrap,

and places it in a re-useable container. He places the container into his modern re-useable lunch bag.

and add in some hummus and carrot sticks for a snack…

see how I sliced them real thin? Don't worry, I was careful.

Screen changes to show a different cutting board with two small re-useable containers on it.

One holds sliced carrots, the other hummus.

He holds up the container holding the sliced carrots close to camera.

K, next, take a container with a tight lid… throw in some yogurt.

Add some blueberries and strawberries… and just like that, I have my morning snack! BOOM!

Screen changes to show a cutting board with a glass bowl of blueberries and sliced strawberries,

and a re-useable container with yoghurt in it.

He puts the fruit into the container with the yoghurt.

He puts the lid on it, and places the container into his lunch bag.

Now for my afternoon snack, my famous veggie dip for my cucumber slices…

my tzatziki, fresh herbs to make it amazing…and now you have TZAAATZAAACKI!!

Screen changes to show a cutting board with three re-useable containers on it.

One container has tzatiki in it, one has sliced cucumbers, and the other has some chopped cilantro.

He places a pinch of chopped cilantro into the container with the tzatiki in it and sweeps his arms in dramatic gesture.


And finish it off with a bottle of water…

the famous water bottle I used when we won the league championship… aaaagain.

He seals all containers and places them into his lunch bag.

Screen changes to show him taking a cold pack and re-useable water bottle out of the refrigerator.

He places the cold pack and a banana into his lunch bag and zips it up.

He places the water bottle into the side of the lunch bag.

There it is… the Best. Lunch. Ever.

Screen changes to show Zack in the mirror again proudly holding up the lunch bag.

If you plan it and make it… or at least HELP … you'll have a creative lunch every day!

A collage with four pictures of the previous scenes appears:

washing vegetables, making chicken wrap, bowl of sliced carrots and putting water bottle in lunch bag.

One less thing for my busy mom to do!

Zack out!

Zack's mom appears at the side of the mirror and hands Zack his school backpack. She smiles.

Zack reaches up and stops recording on his camera - screen goes to black.

TEXT ON SCREEN - Make Healthy Eating Fun!


TEXT ON SCREEN - Canada wordmark with waving flag

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