#ImmigrationMatters in Toronto, Ontario

Getting personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontline health care workers and vulnerable communities

December 17, 2020


Getting personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontline health care workers and vulnerable communities

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Transcript: “Immigration Matters to Canada’s COVID-19 response – Khadija Cajee”

Video length: 1 minutes, 2 seconds

Fade-in of buildings in Toronto, with the CN Tower and Rogers Centre.

Text displays: “Immigration Matters to Canada’s COVID-19 response”.

Khadija Cajee, sitting, looks into the camera.

Text displays: “Khadija Cajee, Co-founder, Conquer COVID-19 – volunteer organization”.

Text displays: “PPE = Personal Protective Equipment”.

Khadija, Jamie Campbell and 4 other individuals wearing masks stand in a storage facility. A car has the words “CONQUER COVID-19” on its door.

Khadija: For the first 5 months of the pandemic, the Conquer COVID-19 team worked non-stop to get more than 3 million pieces of PPE into the hands of frontline health care workers and vulnerable communities. The PPE was distributed to over 410 sites including hospitals, community care centres, long-term care facilities and shelters.

Image of a health care worker attending to a child. Both are wearing masks.

Jamie, in a news studio, looks into the camera.

Text displays: “Jamie Campbell, Volunteer – Conquer COVID-19, Sportscaster – Sportsnet”.

Jamie: Khadija worked tirelessly to help thousands and thousands of people, complete strangers, people she didn’t know, and she did so without asking for anything. She did it voluntarily. Her commitment was inspiring.

An image shows Jen Evans facing the camera.

Text displays: “Voice of: Jen Evans, Member of board of directors, Seeds of Hope – Conquer COVID-19 beneficiary”.

People load up a car with boxes. Boxes of masks are displayed.

Jen: I can’t say enough thanks to Khadija, Sulemaan and the team. They have literally saved lives. Conquer COVID-19 has been a tremendous partner in helping us provision that PPE for these folks. They’ve given us over 40,000 masks. As a result, we’ve had no positive cases in any of the encampments.

The scene fades to black.

Text displays: “#Immigrationmatters” and “Canada.ca/immigration-matters”.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada corporate signature is shown along with the copyright message, “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 2020”.

The Canada wordmark is shown on a black background.

Immigration profile: Toronto, Ontario (Census Metropolitan Area)

Quick facts:

  • Immigrants in the Toronto area make up almost half (46%) of the population.
  • Between 1980 and 2016, half of all immigrants who came to the Toronto area were economic immigrants, 34% were sponsored by family members and 15% were refugees.
  • Nearly 40% of immigrants aged 15 and older are volunteers. On average, these people will volunteer 162 hours each year.

Did you know?

  • Conquer COVID-19 grew from 6 friends with an idea to 120 volunteers at its peak. The organization is supported by Ryan Reynolds, Hayley Wickenheiser and Sportsnet, who helped raise awareness about their cause.

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