IRCC Equity and Anti-Racism Systems Change Framework

The future we want: IRCC is an equitable and anti-racist institution

Understanding the foundations for lasting change

What is Systems Change?

‘‘Systems change is about shifting the conditions that are holding a problem in place.’’ - Social Innovation Generation Canada

What is the problem we are trying to fix?

A holistic approach to understand and develop strategies to address inequity so changes go beyond the surface level and are lasting.

What are the risks of not adopting systems change?

Shifting the Conditions that Hold Racial and other Inequities in Place

We can increase our odds for success by working at all three levels of change.

Source: FSG – The Water of Systems Change

Level 1: Structural change (explicit)

Level 2: Relational change (semi-explicit)

Level 3: Transformative change (implicit)

Allies and Change Agents

What type(s) of systems change entrepreneur are you?

Source: Julia Battilana and Marisa Kimsey, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Key Qualities of Systems Change Entrepreneurs

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